This new Pokemon Go GPS cheat for iOS wont get you banned

Ultimate Pokemon Go hack: How to avoid permanent ban and catch Pokemon without leaving home

We had recently reported how Niantic, the developer behind widely popular mobile sensation Pokemon Go, has started issuing permanent account bans. As a result, cheating in the game seems becoming more and more difficult and impossible.

However, a Pokemon Go cheat that went viral previously showed how to unban the soft ban using a few easy steps. However, this time around, there is a crazy hack in Pokemon Go that allows you to walk around undetected. But this hack is possible only if you have an iPhone and you are willing to sacrifice your iPhone to be jailbroken for this.

In a YouTube video (see below) posted by iCrackUriDevice, it shows how to install the “Pokemon Go” cheat software inside a jailbroken iPhone and install the newly updated Pokemon Go tweak as well. Users will need to install a customized replacement app that can be obtained from Cydia or the jailbreak alternative to App Stores, as the regular Pokemon Go app will not run alongside a jailbreak tool.

To jailbreak your iPhone either over-the-air or using a computer, you first need to be running iOS 9.3.3 on your iPhone. That means those who have installed iOS 9.3.4 recently will need to downgrade. The same applies to those testing the latest iOS 10 beta before you can cheat at Pokemon Go using this trick.

Once the jailbreak has been applied and the unofficial Pokemon Go app installed, it will become easy and you can start using the advantages of the hack. You will notice there is a joystick appearing to help you move anywhere you want.

Players can enjoy the game without walking and gain mileage (the app will read it that way). The hack setting also includes customizing speed where there is an option to manipulate the trainer movement that allows for walking, biking or car driving move. There will be instances that the app will warn of fast-moving pace, in which case players can simply tick the passenger mode to convince the server that no GPS spoofing trick is in effect.

In the video, the user emphasizes that he has tried the method and it does not get him banned. Since there is a joystick to fool the augmented reality game, he ensures that this method is safe. According to the hacker, this hacking software is also compatible with any future Niantic updates and releases. Additionally, he also thanked Pangu jailbreak for making his iPhone able to download the Pokemon Go cheat.

Currently, Pokemon Go cheaters are quite happy that GPS spoofing software is working with the current game version. However, there is a possibility that Niantic may take some measures to disable this latest iOS cheating tool considering their strictness shown while starting permanent account bans.

Check out the video below to know everything:


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