Here comes Niantic’s new “Nearby tracker” for Pokemon GO

Niantic is trying a new ‘Nearby’ tracker in Pokemon Go

While the game lovers are thoroughly enjoying playing the widely popular augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, the game itself is facing buggy issues with some of its features since its launch. Among them is the ‘Nearby’ feature that is supposed to direct Trainers to Pokemon in the area, keep a watch on rare creatures and work out how far away they were.

As a result, developer Niantic has started testing a new tracking system that brings a new way to track Pokemon in Pokemon Go to a “subset of users”.


“We’re currently testing a variation of the “Nearby Pokemon” feature with a subset of users,” Niantic explaining in the latest patch notes. “During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokemon UI.”

Please note that you won’t be able to see the new ‘Nearby’ feature when you load up the game unless you are a part of that “subset of users.”

There are two types of trackers that are being tested – Sightings and Nearby.

The “Sightings” tracker will show you Pokemon are near to which PokeStop, and allow you to highlight the one you need to move towards. Basically, this is the same type of tracker one saw when Niantic took away the steps from the original tracker. The “Sightings” section have grass behind them rather than a PokeStop image, which means that they are in the wild and not close to a PokeStop, and you will have to search for them without any built-in guidance.

On the other hand, the “Nearby” tracker lists Pokemon that are in your general vicinity and the PokeStops you will have to visit to hunt them down.

Tap on the Pokemon you want to track, and then hit the View button. You will be taken back to the map screen that will pan over to the PokeStop you need to visit in order to find that Pokemon. The screen will zoom in and show where the PokeStop is located in relation to your avatar.

If the Pokemon leaves that location before you get there, the app will let you know with a warning, “The Pokemon fled! Check the nearby list for other Pokemon.”

Niantic has specifically noted that this system is just a test and it could all change drastically before the final update rolls out.

While some people have reported that they have only one tracker, there are some who have reported that they have both the trackers. Apparently, the real tracker is being tested with users in San Francisco. There also have been some reports of people getting the most extensive update in other major cities as well.

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