Here are the countries with the fastest mobile networks

South Korea Has the Best Mobile Data Speed in the world, USA Lags Behind China and India comes last

Today everything is driven by Internet and so speed becomes  much more important. Have you ever thought where your country ranks globally in mobile data speeds? Do you think that your country provides you the best mobile data speeds? If you compare your country with other countries of the world, you may find yourself wrong.

OpenSignal, a company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping, today released their sixth Global State of the Mobile Network report on the global state of mobile networks. The information which was crowdsourced from users using their Android or iOS app and readings from mobile networks in 95 countries showed that South Koreans enjoy the fastest Internet speeds in both cellular and Wi-Fi connections, according to the report by OpenSignal.

Among the 95 countries, 93 of them had 3G or better signal availability more than half of the time while the majority of them had availability greater than 75%. The report that was compiled surveyed 12,356,994,498 regular latency, data networks and speed test results of 822,556 users around the world between May 1 and July 23. South Korea topped the list and was followed by Japan, Israel, Australia and Singapore completing the top 5. On the other hand, India, Ukraine, and Guyana were in the bottom three.

When it came to the overall speed, on an average, the South Koreans use to get up to 41.34Mbps connections followed by Singapore with average speeds of 31.19Mbps. Afghanistan, which ranks at the bottom of the list manages 2.2Mbps. The USA averages 12.34Mbps, but comes behind Hungary (26.15Mbps), Lithuania (21.47Mbps), and China (17.95Mbps). India records a surprising speed of just 5.30Mbps, being at the bottom of the chart.

OpenSignal also tested the amount of time that users spent on Wi-Fi, which proved the most popular type of connection, as many of the developed countries spent most of their time on Wi-Fi. It is not surprising that wireless speeds tend to be faster than mobile networks in many areas and is also preferable to paid mobile data. For countries like Trinidad and Tobago, or Bosnia and Herzegovina it is not uncommon to rank at the bottom end of mobile coverage and speed, but belong to the top five for time spent on Wi-Fi.

The Netherlands recorded an interesting rate of 70% of all smartphone connections belonging to Wi-Fi, even though the country’s 3G and 4G infrastructure is well developed. The Americans spend just over half their connected time on Wi-Fi (53.08%) and lagged behind South Korea with 56.98%. India is yet again at the bottom of the chart with just 29.82%.

Check out the chart posted by OpenSignal.

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