For your eyes only: Turkish man builds invisible iPhone screen for onlookers

Inventor Creates Invisible Phone Screen That Only You Can See

Do those prying eyes of your friends, or office colleagues or strangers in crowded places annoy you while you are checking your messages, social media accounts, or emails on your smartphone? Do you wish that only you could see your smartphone irrespective of anyone around it? Well, there may be some good news for you.

A Turkish phone repair store owner, Celal Goger has invented a secret “invisible” iPhone screen that enables only the user to see the screen, Reuters reported. The display glows white while the iPhone is in use, and you need a special pair of glasses to check the contents on the device. Only the wearer of these glasses can see the screen. These pair of glasses has been built-in with a chip that allows you to navigate your smartphone in private.

The chip communicates with the screen to “unscramble” the images so that you can check those naughty messages in private.

Currently, the prototype of Goger’s invention is available for the iPhone. “I made the first one in six months, the second one in four months. The third one took me two months. Now I can make them in ten days,” said Goger.

The invention was taken to the streets in Goger’s hometown of Bismil and the residents were impressed.

“The mobile’s screen is completely white, nothing can be seen, you can’t see the menu. He gave me the glasses and, when I put them on, I saw the complete menu. If I had this on my mobile, nobody would see what I’m looking at or which apps I’m using when I’m commuting,” said one Bismil resident who took the trial of the product.

“I hope he will begin mass production so we can benefit from this invention because people can have private photos, text messages, emails or they can make personal calls. We have things we don’t want others to see and we cannot currently look at those private messages and feel secure,” said another Bismil resident.

The next step for the Turkish inventor is to copyright his invisible iPhone screen invention before he starts selling in the market. He plans to make a nanochip variant of his invention that can fit any pair of glasses and turn the screen visible or invisible with a single button.

Check out the video of the invisible iPhone screen:

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