Google’s Allo messaging app to have self-destruct feature like Snapchat

Google’s Allo app will have Snapchat-like expiring messages, encryption keys

Last week, we had reported that the Mountain View, the California-based company, Google had released Duo – a simple 1-to-1 video calling app – on Android and iOS. According to latest information, Allo, Google’s messaging application is expected to come with lots of useful features.

According to Android Police, who managed to obtain some information from a test preview version of Allo said that the app will have an Incognito chat mode, which is essentially a more privacy-focused aspect of the app. The chats can have an expiry within Incognito mode. They will have different icons in the conversation list and previews of sent/received messages won’t be displayed for privacy reasons.

Users can also select how long they want their chats to last before being deleted. They will be able to choose between messages lasting 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or off just like in Snapchat. These can be changed by either the recipient or sender throughout the conversation. Also, the times can be changed. However, the changes will only apply to future messages and older messages will expire based on whatever the previous timer was set.

Google Allo is expected to come with end-to-end encryption, as it is using the Signal protocol. However, Google Assistant won’t work when encryption is activated in Allo. Further, each participant will come with unique identity keys and you can enable a setting to notify you when the identity key of a contact has changed. Also, private messages will have a tool that allows them to auto-delete, according to Android Police.

According to recent information, Google’s Allo will be linked to the user’s Google account and to their phone number, the latter being a means of identification. All you need is to activate the app with your phone number to get started, and the app allows you to connect with people in your smartphone’s contacts list.

The Google account will be used for allowing Google Assistant to offer users “Smart suggestions” or quick short replies that users can send to their friends in Allo. The app will learn more replies over time; the more a user depends on Allo, the better these ‘smart replies’ will get. However, it won’t be required for backups or synched chats. Additionally, users will be able to send lots of media content through the app, including photos, videos, stickers, current location, voice messages, and GIFs.

While Google’s Allo launch date is not yet known, it definitely sounds like an interesting messaging application with multiple features.

Source: Android Police

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