This Guy Hacks A Hydro-Electric Generator To Charge His Smartphone

Real-Life MacGyver Hacks Together a Hydro-Electric Generator To Charge His Device

One of the most common problems that one faces with its smartphone is the battery life. Thanks to the numerous social media, games and other apps that one has on its smartphone, the battery keeps getting drained secretly while running these apps in the background. As a result, we end up charging our smartphones more than two to three times in a day.

So, what do you do when you are out trekking, or on a wildlife expedition and your smartphone is running out of battery and there are no power outlets to charge your device? In such a scenario, all you require is a little inventiveness that can turn random junk into a working hydro-electric generator.

That is what YouTuber Thomas Kim showed in a video posted on YouTube. In the video, he demonstrated how he MacGyver’d some water bottles, disposable platters, 3 Phase stepping motor, rectifier circuit, metal pipes, and other materials into this hydro-electric generator. Also, his device was able to power LED lights, and apparently other electronic devices too.

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Source: Gizmodo

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