Hacker Hacks NYPD Police Radio To Make Threats To A Police Officer!!!

NYPD Captain Gets Threats Over Police Radio Frequency By An Anonymous Person

Cybercriminals have hacked into banks, hospitals, government agencies, and much more. This time around the hackers decided not to spare the police too.

Last weekend, someone managed to access the NYPD-only radio frequency and threatened a captain and reported a fake officer shooting.

The first call apparently came on Saturday evening in Bronx, where a message was broadcasted across several divisions of the NYPD radio frequency asking to talk to a captain assigned to the Midtown South Precinct and started threatening him. The separate messages went on for several minutes.

First, there was a false call from an anonymous person that a police officer had been shot in the Bronx. Police responded and realized it was a hoax.

He said: “South Duty captain to Central. Remember you put me in jail? I’m out now and I am going to put a bullet in your head.”

In another instance, the man said, “Remember, captain, I’m coming for you. Come find me. I’m right here in the Walgreens in Times Square.”

In a third, the suspect said: “Captain, captain, oh captain, oh captain, oh captain, oh captain, I’m gonna put a bullet in your mother too, son.”

Also, besides the serious-sounding threats, the hacker used the police radio to really practice his yodeling skills and dispatcher noise.

The captain counters with, “Come 85 [meet] me, where do you want to meet, baby?”

An officer apparently fired back: “Hey, grow up. Some people are trying to do their job on this division.”

The NYPD said at this point they do not believe that the threats are reliable and also warned their officers to take extra precaution while replying to calls over the weekend.

The latest prank phone call happened on Sunday, wherein the suspect was calling for an officer needing assistance within the boundaries of the 114 Precinct in Queens (in the Astoria neighbourhood) that prompted a roll call among officers. While the yodeling and the threats stopped on Sunday night, the NYPD said that they will still continue to investigate.

Source: New York Magazine

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