Pokemon Go Hack Allows You To Become Unbeatable At Gyms Using Eggs

This Video Shows Pokemon Go Egg Glitch That Make Gyms Unbeatable

Just when Niantic started permanently banning accounts of those who are found cheating while playing Pokemon Go in an effort to keep the game clean, there are hit with another problem.

In Pokemon Go, eggs aren’t supposed to do anything other than sit in your bag and hatch into a Pokemon when you’ve walked a certain distance.

However, according to some news floating online, some hackers have placed a bug in Pokemon Go that is allowing its players to place eggs at gyms instead of a Pokemon. These are unbeatable gyms, where gym leaders are eggs. Eggs have no moves, and no HP. Therefore, when placed as gym leaders, other players are not able to fight them or take them down. Currently, players cannot do anything about egg gyms, as all the eggs does is occupy the gym and racks up defender points.

Once in control of a gym, a player can earn Pokecoins, the in-game currency in Pokemon GO, without fear of ever losing their gym. Actually, other players from the same team can apparently occupy the gym alongside the egg and benefit from the glitch. And, they too can earn coins without worry.

This issue was bought to notice by a member of Team Instinct who was playing Pokemon Go when he discovered a bug that allows you to leave an egg in a gym and taking it over indefinitely. Some Team Instinct players have taken advantage of the exploit to occupy some gyms, including the New York Times headquarters among other locales.

It is likely that the game developer will ban anyone who used it to “permanently” hold a gym when Niantic discovers and fixes the bug, as hacking Pokemon Go’s API is very much against the Terms of Service.

Press play to watch the video below.

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