Here are the top programming languages with most complaints

The Programming Languages Which Developers Complain About Most

For every positive news, there is always some negative counter news. We have always brought you news about best programming languages or the most popular programming languages.You will be surprised to know that there are some languages that are cursed at by programmers.

But what do developers really bitch the most about? What programming languages really irks them the most? Tim Rogus, a UX/UI designer in New York has taken it upon himself to find out which programming languages are most cursed. To get a ringside view of the developers community, Rogus has created an app called specifically for developers to rant about.

Based on the feedback received on his App, Rogus has prepared an infographic detailing which programming language gets most cussed and which one is least bothersome to developers.


From the infographic, you can see that SQL and Mongo are most cursed languages on earth while Web languages, CSS and PHP register high rants from developers. JavaScript derivative Node registers complaints at 20% above average.

A very interesting feature deduced from the infographic is that the more the popular language, the fewer complaints it generates.

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