1.9 Gigabit Per Second: Fastest Mobile 4G Network Speed Record Broken

Finnish company tests fastest mobile internet speed

In this age of internet, where we have moved from 3G to 4G network, a new record has been set for the world’s fastest 4G mobile internet speed, according to a network operator.

The firm Elisa, a mobile carrier provider in Finland, in collaboration with the Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei has broken the record for the fastest speeds reached over a 4G network. The two companies were able to achieve a 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speed on a test network —said to be the fastest speed ever recorded on a commercial device.

“This new speed record is a step towards the 5G network and also an excellent indication of all the opportunities the 4G network still has to offer. The speeds that the 4G network offers are continuously increasing and, possibly in the next few years, we will even be able to offer mobile data connections of several gigabits per second to our customers,” said Sami Komulainen, Vice President of mobile network services at Elisa.

According to BBC, hypothetically, this 1.9Gbps speed could download a Blu-ray film in just 44 seconds. As a comparison, Elisa’s fastest commercial network is 300-MEGAbit-per-second, which is not even a sixth as fast.

Even though the speed may have been broken on a special Elisa-only network, technology commentators say the only true speed test is on a publicly available network.

Komulainen explained why the speed test was important: “A speed of almost two gigabits may seem unheard-of, and many people are wondering if such speeds are even needed in everyday use. However, there will be more and more demand for high-speed connections in the future as, for example, 360-degree videos and virtual reality applications become more popular.”

While speeds like that could revolutionize the tech industry, the speeds have little significance in real world applications as, “Deploying a network that can support 1.9Gbps doesn’t mean customers will get 1.9Gbps mobile broadband,” quoted Nick Wood, an assistant editor at Total Telecom.

And why is that “because that network capacity has to be shared among customers. In reality, customers are likely to experience a modest improvement in overall speed and reliability, which is great, but doesn’t make for exciting headlines the same way that 1.9 Gbps does,” he added.

Elisa has stated that it plans to bring a premium 1Gbps network in Finland within the next two years. In contrast, Vodafone Germany plans to get there quickly. The operator has said it plans to offer 1 Gbps on its 4G network by the end of 2016.

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