Apple to layoff staff as its car project hits a roadblock

Apple does a re-think on its car projects, dozens of employees laid off

Apple’s dream of taking on Google’s smart car seems to have hit a major roadblock. According to a New York Times report, the Cupertino-based company recently “laid off dozens” of people as its car effort, dubbed Project Titan, shrinks.

Apple has never revealed details of its top-secret smart car project, however, some leaks that surfaced last year pointed to the iPhone maker working on some kind of smart car. The reports got a further fill-up when Apple began poaching employees from other companies including Tesla and the makers of EV batteries.

However, now the NYT report says that Apple is having a major policy rethink and is looking shelve the smart car project.

An earlier Bloomberg report said that Apple was shelving the plans to make smart cars and instead would be focusing on developing self-driving car tech. The NYT article confirms the same and says that Apple has already laid off several employees who were supposedly working on the smart car project.


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