You can now stream Android games and apps to Facebook Live from your PC

Bluestacks Helps You To Stream Android Apps On Facebook Live

Mobile gaming is a huge business, as people like to record videos of their gameplay or stream the action. While streaming your favourite smartphone apps on Twitch is very time consuming, it is even more difficult to set it up on Facebook Live.

However, thanks to BlueStacks desktop emulator for PC and Mac, you can stream your game play (or other apps) directly to Facebook Live. The integration was already available for Amazon’s Twitch, which is popular among the gamer crowd, TechCrunch reports. It also points out that the Facebook Live integration has the potential to reach a much wider audience of mobile games streamers than Twitch.

Since, the Android emulator basically runs the Google OS inside your PC or Mac, it becomes very easy to fire up the Play Store and download any app or game that you want. The same emulator interface can then be used to stream the action to Facebook Live.

With this new feature, you can stream yourself playing the game. This means that the webcam connected to your computer is recording you, and also the app’s screen is being recorded. While a similar setup is available on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, it will just be available on Facebook. It’s pretty simple to set up, after installing BlueStacks, all you have to do is just press a button to go live. These videos will be on Facebook forever or until you delete them. For the ones, who are unable to watch the stream live can go back later and watch it again.

You can also make changes to the layout to customize how viewers see your diversion stream. It also has built-in metrics, which includes how many are watching, a live discuss from FB and Likes.

You can now download the latest version of Bluestacks supporting streaming to Facebook Live on PC and Mac.

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