Google Wi-Fi router to be displayed at October 4th event

Is Google launching a Wi-Fi router at the October 4th event?

Google is rumoured to announce an own-brand Wi-Fi extendable router at an event on October 4th, according to Android Police’s sources. The device will be called Google Wi-Fi and will cost $129. The event is also expected to unveil Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, a new Chromecast that supports 4K, the Daydream VR headset, and Google Home, an Amazon Echo alternative on the same day.

Google Wi-Fi router will offer longer range connectivity than most off the shelf routers. It will also apparently offer some smart features similar to OnHub, which boasts integration with Phillips smart lights, IFTTT support, all-in-one security updates and more.

The report also notes that Google Wi-Fi could offer a “mesh” network feature by connecting multiple routers around the house, which means you won’t drop offline if you walk into a far-away room in your house. The rumour suggests that routers will have to be signed and trusted by Google on the security front.

Android Police, who received an exclusive story on the news, says it is 90% confident that the rumour is true (10% being deducted over the uncertainty of the deliverance of the mesh functionality). It says:

“We are extremely confident that Google WiFi is real and that it will cost $129 when it is released. We are fairly confident it will be announced on October 4th alongside Google Home, because it seems positioned as a sort of companion device to Home.”

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Source: Android Police

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