Hackers : The multiplayer darknet cyberwarfare simulator now available for Android and iOS

Hackers the multiplayer hacking game comes to Android and iOS, hack the system of your choice with this game

How would like to hack a military facility with the help of your friends? You can now do so in a simulated gameplay on your Android smartphones/tablets and iOS devices like iPhone with the multiplayer cyberwarfare strategy game called Hackers.

Hackers is a multiplayer cyberwarfare strategy game where users have to build a network and carry out various kinds of hacks around the world. The game has been developed by Indie game studio Trickster and has been released today. Many of the readers may be aware that Hackers has been in Closed Beta since April this year and has now been launched with further improvements in the multiplayer options.


The game interface is a bit complicated for those who are not from the cyber security field and a mashup of Plague Inc and Uplink. There is a tab on the top bar which gives your news and interesting titbits about hacking, cyber security etc.

The gameplay offers users different kinds of missions to choose from like security, activism and terrorist missions. While the interface may be a bit off for newbies, hacking pros will find it futuristic and intuitive. It lets you touch and feel servers, compilers, miners and defensive security nodes as well as visualise complex hacking techniques. Users can brute force their way in, or play in stealth mode, like a ninja getting in and out of a network.


The game starts with you as a hacker being assigned a home base, a network which you have to continuously upgrade. Upgrading the network includes adding business, security, hacking and black market components to your system. The hacker(gamer) can buy different utilities using premium credits, dollars and an interesting ripoff of real world Bitcoin called B-Coin which can be mined. The gamer has to build various components and develop security programs to protect the system core.

The programs have intuitive names like “Kraken” “Portal”, “Data Leech”, “Shuriken”, “Warith” etc.


For the first timers, there is a nice tutorial which explains the game. You can dive into the game, and get to upgrading your networks and executing hacks. As the gameplay progresses can unlock newer programs or abilities. The devs have also included  a mini tutorial is introduced to help players understand the newly unlocked option.

For those who want to start afresh, there is an IP address changer that lets you select a new home base. The dashboard tab gives you daily hacking goals with rewards for missions.


Hackers offers gamers 70 plus story missions with different real life scenarios nicely plugged in. There is a global leaderboard to help you track competition. The leaderboard is categorised into the best hackers in the world, the best hackers in the country, and the best hackers nearby.

If you are interested in playing Hackers, you can download the game for your Android smartphone here. iPhone and iPad users can download the game here. The game is free, however there are certain in-App purchases.

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  1. If I click on my Core a few times it brings me into this encrypted screen… What is that? Is it a secret code or just a feature that is decoration?

  2. I want to know, can you do stealth hacking if there is a scanner? how does the scanner works? it scanns all the map or just the nodes that are close to him?


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