This novelist ran into fire to save his laptop

Novelist Runs Into Fiery Home for Laptop Which Had His Two Completed Novels

You can imagine a Hollywood movie where the hero rushes into a fierce some fire to save his damsel but it rarely happens in real life. This is what happened in New Orleans when a novelist dashed into his fire struck house to save his laptop containing drafts for his upcoming novel.

As per report in The New Orleans Advocate, Gideon Hodge, 35, a novelist by profession, dashed past firefighters into a burning New Orleans house Thursday to rescue two completed novels stored on his laptop.

“Anybody that’s ever created art, there’s no replacing that,” Hodge told The New Orleans Advocate after safely making it out of the burning building with the computer. “It’s got pretty much my life’s work.”

The story started at 11.15 am on Thursday when a fire was reported in New Orleans suburb. The three-alarm blaze was brought under control after 67 firefighters struggled for more than two hours to control the blaze which struck Broadmoor.

All the residents were safely evacuated from the two buildings under fire and the firefighters were doing their job when, Hodge dashed passed them to save his laptop containing the two fully completed novels.

Hodge describes himself as a playwright, novelist and actor and said that his fiancée told him that their apartment was on fire. After hearing it, he left work in Mid-City and rushed to the scene. That’s when he realized that his only copies of two completed novels were on a laptop inside.

Clad in a T-shirt that said #photobomb next to an illustration of the Joker photobombing Batman and Robin, Hodge dashed into the building. He ran past the smoke and the firefighters yelling at him to stop and managed to grab the precious laptop.

Hodge said he did not hesitate before running in. “Despite my better sense, I just ran inside and grabbed it,” he said. “I didn’t think to be scared.”

The computer was intact, Hodge said, sheltered from the deluge of water by a table. Hover, Hodge couldn’t salvage his laptop’s charger.

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