How to solve two smartphone problems with one mobile device

Here is how you can solve two smartphone problems with a single mobile device

New combo mobile charger and MicroSD card reader launches via crowdfunding campaign

We live in the mobile era, a time in which smartphones are rapidly becoming our primary computing and communications tools. Smartphones and mobile devices are incredibly powerful and flexible devices that let us do so many amazing things anywhere we go, like – take and share photos, order a ride, or speak freely to friends and family all over the world.

Smartphones have been getting steadily more powerful and capable over the years, with smaller form factors, better cameras, and faster chips. However, that doesn’t mean that our phones are perfect – any computing device will have certain limitations. In the case of smartphones, these are incredibly space constrained devices, which limits the size of the batteries as well as the amount of available storage.

New combo mobile charger and MicroSD card reader launches via crowdfunding campaignA number of solutions have emerged for these two painful problems. There are a number of portable batteries and charging cases available that give our phones some extra juice when they need them. Also, there are SD cards for those phones that can read them and card readers for devices like iPhones that don’t. This external storage allows users to keep extra photos and videos on the card rather than taking up space on the device itself.

However, carrying around two extra devices is a huge hassle. For iPhone users, it’s especially taxing and goes against the grain of the phone’s recent move to minimize ports and cables with the removal of the headphone jack.

One product that is trying to solve the problem is Blade4000, a new two-in-one battery charger and card reader for mobile devices. For iPhone users specifically, the Blade4000 offers some really unique features. First, by combining a mobile battery and card reader, you can help alleviate the very common problems that iPhone users have – shorter battery life and limited storage. Everyone knows there are still a ton of 16GB iPhones in users hands, and with iOS getting bigger every year and photos and apps adding up, iPhone users are often struggling to find room to store all their info.

Additionally, the Blade4000 has another added benefit for iPhone users – a lighting port. So you only really need one cable for your phone and Blade. Just charge the battery with the Lighting cable, and then when you want to charge your phone, just flip around that same cable. This is a much more streamlined solution than other mobile batteries that require a micro-USB adapter, which few iPhone users possess.

Of course, this is a crowded space, so the Blade4000 will face some challenges and stiff competition from other players on the market. However, the device does have a pretty unique mix of features that help it stand out from other players. So if you’re in the market for a mobile battery, the Blade4000 is certainly worth a look.


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