Strixus Cyber Threat Intelligence Continues to Grow in Demand

Strixus Cyber Threat Intelligence Continues to Grow in Demand

When it comes to online threat protection in the corporate environment, few companies are more revered than Massive Alliance, the creators behind the Strixus cyber intelligence product – an enterprise-level security solution that uses both human and machine intelligence to identify and prevent threats using more than 100 million sources from the web. Although this service is beyond the reach of a typical small business or startup, the Strixus approach to cyber security can teach anyone a valuable lesson about cyber attack prevention and mitigation. By partnering with Digital Shadows, they’ve been able to construct the world’s most comprehensive, international web monitoring and threat detection system. Massive’s CEO, Brook Zimmatore says, “Our collaboration with Digital Shadows in sync with our human operative and intelligence team has allowed us to create a truly global, 360 degree threat intelligence service. We are proud to have so many resources available to companies which, over time, will become available to companies of any size.”

Here are a few reasons why Strixus has been so sought after by international enterprises and other high-level organizations:

Combining Multiple Technologies and Approaches for Maximum Reach

Strixus has used a combination of various security disciplines and areas of expertise to create the most robust cyber attack prevention system known to man. By incorporating elements of language detection, crypto analysis, and reverse code engineering, the brand has become a go-to source of protection for international enterprises, governments, political figures and parties, and even private entities. The system is able to comb through cyberspace to locate hackers and individuals that may pose a current or future security threat to an organization or person.

A Progressive and Proactive Service in High Demand

As the battle against hacking continues, wealthy people and companies are realizing the need to protect their finances and reputations from cyber criminals. This concern has led to Strixus becoming a service that is in high demand worldwide. What sets Massive Alliance apart from many of the more commercial security firms is that they go above and beyond to implement revolutionary forms of monitoring and assessment in order to flag threats that would otherwise be overlooked until they’ve created a problem. By taking a proactive approach to threat prevention, they’re able to ensure a higher level of security than the alternative of waiting until a hacker has begun to take action.

Powerful Capabilities in a Streamlined Package

Another reason why Strixus has been able to maintain such a rapid rate of growth in the threat prevention industry is because their solution is not only unique in its extensive use of machine learning, it’s also a completely managed service that uses human intelligence to further investigate and assess flagged threats. This prevents the client from ever having to worry about running scans, checking log results, or performing any of the other tasks that are typically involved with using a consumer-level solution to identify and block threats. Furthermore, since threat management is being handled remotely by the Strixus team, there’s never a risk that the infiltration or interruption of your internal network will compromise your security team’s operations.

Identifying Threats Before They Have a Chance to Take Action

A large part of Strixus’ threat prevention strategy lies in monitoring the “dark web” where black markets, hackers, and other nefarious cyber criminals and organizations often congregate and share tools and information. Accessing these back alleys of the web allows Strixus to gain insight into the opponent’s plans and current efforts, essentially giving Massive Alliance an inside look at what is going on in the hackosphere at all times. While most security solutions use algorithms to detect when suspicious activity is already occurring on a device or network, Strixus proactively collects intelligence and uses it to guard against upcoming threats before they ever have a chance to do damage. In the coming years, we can expect to see this sector of the security niche experience even more growth as the war on cyber crime continues to heat up.

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