Two thieves use chilli powder bomb to steal 950 iPhones worth $375,000

Delhi robbers use chilli powder bomb to stun the truck driver and bolt with 950 iPhones worth $370,000

A four-member gang pulled off a movie-style heist by stunning the driver with chilli powder and bolting with the truck containing a shipment of 950 iPhones worth $370,000.

The incident happened in the Indian capital of Delhi on late Tuesday night. Kalam Singh, a truck driver was on his way to Dwarka with a consignment of iPhones when he came under attack from a gang of thieves.

The incident happened when the truck driver was approaching Vasant Kunj when someone threw a packet containing a red powder into the truck’s cabin. He presumed it to be a prank by children but soon felt his eyes and skin started itching. To relieve himself and get some air, he stopped the truck when the two thieves who were following him, forced their way into the truck at knife point.

The iPhone robbery was well planned as the duo were later joined by two more members of their gang. The four then drove towards a desolate spot where a pick-up van was waiting like it is shown in Hollywood movies. The gang soon transferred the iPhones to the van, shoved the truck driver out and drove away.

The driver immediately filed a police complaint and the Delhi police swung into action. They first traced the truck through CCTV visuals. “When scanning the CCTV footage of the three routes used by the hijackers, the truck. Technical surveillance then helped us identify the culprits,” the deputy police commissioner said.

The police said that the theft was a case of inside job as two of the ‘gang members’ were identified as employees of the distribution firm managing iPhones delivery in New Delhi. The two thieves were identified as Mehtab Alam and Arman and have admitted to the crime. Their accomplices were drivers of the company which provided trucks to the distribution firm.

The gang was planning to sell the iPhones in grey market in Karol Bagh.

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