5 tech skills that are in demand and pay over $120,000

Top 5 tech skills in demand with a pay over $120,000

According to researchers, more than 6.7 million Americans are employed in the tech industry today. Further, approximately 200,000 tech jobs were added in the year 2015.

What is so lucrative about these tech jobs? These tech jobs not only offer good fat salary but also lots of incentives.

If you have a rare tech skill and are an expert in the same, you will almost definitely be paid well. However, it may be difficult to get a job that requires that skill. Further, there may be skills that are required everywhere, but the number of people possessing those skills may be more. As a result, there would be a lot of competition for these jobs which in turn would offer lower salaries.

So, what right technical skills are required in order to not only get a job in the tech industry but also get paid decently well?

The best tech skills strike a balance: high enough in demand but also specialized enough to command decent pay.

Paysa, is a start-up that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people find out their market worth and advise them on which skills to learn to enhance their salaries. In order to find the most in-demand job skills in the tech industry, they recently carried out a research. For this purpose, they looked at the average salary and the number of jobs available for 248 skills in 569 cities, including 29 programming languages.

Based on this, they prepared a list of skills that are most in demand. Given below are the top 5 tech skills that are most in demand and also provide decent pay.

1. Perl

5% of the job listings that Paysa looked over, Perl emerged as the most popular programming language. Perl is not only an easy language to learn, but it is also good for all kinds of projects.

Average salary: $139,214

2. C++

One of the languages derived from C, C++ appeared in 7% of the job listings Paysa scanned. If you want to call yourself an expert coder, then C++ is considered as the essential language to learn.

Average Salary: $133,954

3. C

C is a programming language that popped up in 5% of the job listings Paysa scanned. The foundation for several other languages, C used to be a main component for a computer science education. However, with the availability of many languages those are easier to learn these days, there is some discussion among programmers whether is it still important to learn C. Many employers looks like do prefer their coders to know it.

Average Salary: $133,691

4. Java

Not to be confused with Javascript, Java appeared in 13% of the job listings scanned by Paysa.

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is an extremely popular language. Currently, Java is owned by Oracle who bought Sun.

Average Salary: $131,962

5: C#

The job listings scanned by Paysa showed that C# accounted for 7%. Developed by Microsoft, C# is a branch of C that has been made popular by programmers writing apps with Microsoft web programming tools.

Average Salary: $129,692

Source: Business Insider

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