Buyers worried that it could be a widespread issue

Recently, a Reddit user had posted images online of an iPhone 7 that allegedly got exploded while in the package, which was later delivered to him. Though the exact cause of the incident was not known, the owner claimed that the incident could have occurred between the factory and delivery.

Now, a second incident involving an iPhone 7 is making the rounds, but this time the smartphone did not go up in flames. According to the photos published by MyDrivers, it clearly shows an iPhone 7 with a faulty battery. However, on a closer look, it seems that the battery is simply “inflated” probably due to external factors like heat or maybe a drop that may have pushed the screen out from the rear shell despite of all the waterproofing used by Apple.

Given the context, Apple will probably examine these damaged units closely, as inflating batteries aren’t quite a new thing for the Cupertino giant. In the past too, similar problems were experienced with older iPhone models that developed small swells on certain parts of the screen because of the battery slightly inflating due to unknown reasons.

Apple is yet to make a public comment on the issue or give a confirmation that it’s investigating the faulty device. However, the company is definitely looking into reports, as more buyers are now concerned that it could be a widespread issue.

Source: Softpedia


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