This hacker brews his coffee directly from his PC with command line

Security researcher hacks smart coffee maker to brew his coffee directly from his PC with command line

Hackers are a busy lot. They often spend 24 hours on their workstations developing new exploits and would like to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner by their PC. However, every hacker needs coffee to boost his/her energy level and break the monotony of coding. With smart coffee machines available, the hackers can control their brew directly from an App but some hackers are so busy that they don’t even have time to open the App.

Simone Margaritelli is one of them. Simone works in Zimperium and has little time for nitty gritty of opening an App to brew his coffee. He did what hackers are known for, he hacked his coffee machine finding a way to brew coffee using the command line.


Simone says he reverse engineered the app used to control the Smarter AM coffee machine. This means that hackers will now not have to waste time on the Smarter AM coffee machine App veery time they need a coffee. Now they can directly do it from their laptop and command line.

Simone has made the entire process public on his Blogspot and says that “Since I work from home, most of the times I’m using the computer keyboard, not a smartphone, therefore I wanted a console client for it.”

? ? ? SmarterCoffee Client ? ? ?
by Simone 'evilsocket' Margaritelli

Usage: coffee [options] (make|warm)

-h, –help show this help message and exit
IP address of the Smarter coffee machine.
-M, –make Make coffee.
-W, –warm Warm coffee.
-C CUPS, –cups=CUPS Set number of cups.
Set coffee strength ( 0-2 ).
-G, –grind Use grind.
-F, –filter Use filter.
-K TIME, –keep-warm=TIME
Keep the coffee warm for TIME minutes.

“[This is] something that the vendor never released, so I started reversing the Android application in order to understand the communication protocol and write my own client implementation,” he added.

Well! here is one to Simone and his ingenuity!


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