Learn The Entire JavaScript Language in a Single Image

This single image can help you learn the popular coding language, JavaScript

We are back with our programming language series with a single image thanks to China-based developer Yusheng. Yusheng has already created a single image to learn popular hackers language, Python which we have featured here. He has now gone ahead and created a nice graphic that assembles the entire JavaScript programming syntax into one single all-encompassing image.

JavaScript ranks among the hottest programming languages being used today mainly because it is used by most tech companies and can land you a hot job. This popularity was won very hard, having to fight through a period where the language seemed to have stood still with no new features being released for a period of four years. Despite not being updated as regularly, developers take on to JavaScript mainly due to the technologies being developed on top of it, and more specifically Node.js.

The fact that JavaScript is still such a successful and powerful programming language has prompted Yusheng to assemble a nice mind map of the entire JavaScript language syntax, complete with code examples. As of now Yusheng’s infographic only covers ES5, but he says that he will soon be adding ES6 syntax to the image.

This interactive mind map can be accessed online (works better in Chrome) or downloaded from a GitHub repository, but there’s also an image you can save on your computer, and reaccess it whenever you need.

The Entire JavaScript Language in a Single Image (click to enlarge)


As said above, Yusheng also created a similar mind map for Python 3, and he’s also working on one for Google’s Go programming language. We will bring the same when he releases it.

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