This single image can help you learn the hacker’s preferred coding language, Python

If you are interested in becoming a hacker or a security researcher, it is preferred that you master the Python programming language.

It is said that a security researcher or hacker should know Python because it is the core language for creating exploits and tools. Security experts and pro hackers suggest that mastering Python is the best way to learn to hack and become a master security researcher. Python offers wider flexibility and you can create great exploits with it.

However, now thanks to a developer, you can learn Python from just one image. A China-based developer Yusheng has created a brilliant infographic that encapsulates the entire Python 3 programming language in a single image.

Yusheng has tried to be as easy as possible with the infographic so that you as a hacker can get the feel of Python 3 without a sweat. You can find the image online on GitHub, or save it directly from below.

python 3 in one pic