Watch: Microsoft’s redesigned Paint app for Windows 10

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of its famous Paint app with keeping Windows 10 version in mind. It is likely going to be a Store app.

WalkingCat, a Twitter user, discovered video demonstrations of the new app, that indicates that the upcoming Paint app is built on UWP and would be optimized for touch and pen input. While the new “Paint Preview” app includes all regular painting features of Paint, it now also includes support for 3D object, an ideal addition for HoloLens.

With this new app, Paint Preview users will be able to make 3D content creation incredibly easily. In order to help artists create objects, and brushes, Microsoft has included a variety of markers and art tools that can be directly used on 3D objects in the scene. Also, they have Community integration which allows you to insert images and 3D objects created by others into your creation without leaving the app. It includes an interface that mixes stickers, 2D images, 3D models and annotations.

The app is likely to be released as a Universal Windows App. This new app, which is aimed at artists and professionals, is likely to be announced this October.

Source: The Verge