[Giveaway] Convert any DVD with the Best DVD Ripper for Windows

DVD had dominated the home entertainment market for many years. But DVD sales was registered a dramatic decline since 2016 while the subscriptions of streaming services gained more ground.

You are used to watching new movies on Netflix or Hulu. So, what to do with old DVD discs on the shelf? You can convert DVDs. The whole DVD collection, which is saved as digital copies on hard drive or storage services, can be better reserved and played on any device.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum helps digitize DVDs for easily organizing, watching and sharing. It comes with powerful capability of converting virtually all DVDs to digital on Windows while delivering lossless quality. It also gives the most efficient performance to back up DVDs at the fastest speed. It can be a free DVD ripper thanks to the on-going giveaway. Every visitor has the opportunity to download the giveaway package, which includes setup file, license key (no free upgrade) and user guide, and use this best DVD ripper for windows for free.

Full Features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Ease of use

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a customer-friendly program with a straightforward design. Instead of disturbing information, it prints the getting started guide on the interface. You can have the DVD ripped in only 3 steps: to load DVD > select output format > RUN.

A Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs

All DVDs in your library can be flawlessly converted with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. It can not only fix and digitize old damage/scratched discs, but decrypt copy protections from latest DVD movies/TV shows, workout DVDs and more. Apart from ripping directly from disc, it also supports other DVD sources like ISO Image, VIDEO_TS folder.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers hundreds of output profiles, ranging from general formats to presets for devices, webs and editing programs. It allows you to rip a DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, WebM, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Huawei, Nexus, Surface Pro/Book, Xbox, PS3/4, YouTuebe, Facebook, iTunes, iMovie etc. The built-in audio extractor helps extract sound tracks and effects from DVD as MP3, AAC, or AC3. You can also make use of copy modes to back up DVD to ISO Image, VIDEO_TS folder, or MPEG2 at 1:1 ratio with all information.

Fast Speed

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum shows off the fastest DVD ripping speed. Hardware Acceleration is the key technique helping convert DVD as soon as possible. It utilizes graphic cards (with full support of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD) to take the task of encoding and decoding not only accelerating the process but also relieving the burden from CPUs. Therefore, you can get a smooth performance without lags. And, your computer will keep in a good health for low CPU usage and temperature.

Integration with Super Encode Engine and Hyper-threading tech, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip a 2-hour movie to MP4 within 10 minutes or even shorter if you run it on a high-end computer.

Super Quality

Hardware Acceleration brings more benefits than fast speed. It works during whole DVD ripping process to create a resulting file with crisp images and hi-fi sound. Besides, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum employs High Quality Engine and “Yadif Double Frames” De-interlacing Engine – which switches interlaced scanning mode of original disc to progressive scan – to further optimize the quality.

Customization Tools

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers adjustable parameters for video and audio, including bit rate, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, audio sample rate and audio channel. On the other hand, you can make basic edits like trimming, cropping, merging and adding subtitles.

How to Guide:

Step 1. Insert the DVD disc into optical drive on your computer. Launch WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and click “DVD Disc” button. Select the source DVD, leave “DVD Disc File System Type” as “Auto Detect” and click OK.

Step 2. Soon, DVD titles are loaded and main title is automatically checked for later ripping. Meanwhile, Output Profile window pops up. Select the output format. For example, if you try to rip a DVD to H.264, go to General Profiles > MP4 Video (codec: h264 + acc) > OK.

Step 3. Click Browse button to set a destination folder to save resulting file. Next, press RUN button to start DVD conversion.

Other options you might use:

  • Settings are accessible by clicking the gear-shaped button. You can keep video/audio options as origin or make changes.
  • Edit button drives you to adjust audio volume, add subtitle, trim and crop.
  • Hardware Accelerator is enabled by default to get a faster DVD ripping performance.
  • Safe Mode is used for avoiding unexpected interruption or other errors if ripping an encrypted DVD.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers a perfect solution to fast make digital copies from your DVD collection full of old and new discs. It’s a good chance to take part in the giveaway for experiencing how it works with no cost.

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DriveSavers is offering Phone Unlocking with 100% success rate

Unlock Locked Smartphone With 100% Success Rate Using DriveSavers

DriveSavers is offering a customer data recovery tool to retrieve pictures and files from locked devices

DriveSavers, Inc., a computer hardware data recovery, digital forensics, and electronic discovery firm, has announced a new smartphone data recovery service that can unlock password-protected devices, including the notoriously tough-to-crack iOS devices.

According to the company, the service called Passcode Lockout Data Recovery is the first “passcode lockout recovery service” for regular consumers that has a “100 percent success rate,” irrespective of passcode length.

The service, priced around $3,900, uses new proprietary technology to recover data from password-locked smart devices that have previously been limited to law enforcement agencies and remained unavailable to the regular consumer.

“Utilizing new technology, we have a 100% success rate with unlocking and recovering data from passcode-protected smartphones of every make, model and operating system with any length passcode, including phones and tablets with more complicated passcodes of six digits or more,” reads DriveSavers’ advertising pitch in part.

While it is unknown what technology DriveSavers is using to access data on the device, it could likely be a passcode guessing feature or something related to iCloud data. According to the company, the service helps in recovering data like photos, videos, contacts, text messages, voice recordings, and notes.

The service is being offered exclusively to consumers who have forgotten device passwords, been locked out after too many incorrect attempts, and for those who need access to data stored on the device of a deceased family member.

“How do we verify the owner of a device?” DriveSavers asks. “We understand that there may be no perfect solution to this issue. However, we attempt to validate the legal right to access the data during all phases of the recovery process. This starts with the information gathered during the intake process. We also have a legal authorization form requiring specific information identifying the right to the data.”

A DriveSavers spokesperson said, “Depending on the situation, we may request death certificates, probate documents, court documents, or other legal documents. In the case of a death, we verify who is the executor of the state through interview and documentation.”

However, the service is not available for law enforcement or other government agencies, DriveSavers says. The service can be used to get access to critical or sentimental data stored on locked smart devices running any operating system, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

“Smartphones store irreplaceable data like family pictures and videos, contacts, notes, text messages and voice recordings,” says DriveSavers President Scott Moyer. “Losing access to this type of data can be devastating. We are delighted to offer this service to individuals who are locked out of their phones or wish to gain access to memories stored on a lost loved one’s smart device.”

Earlier this year, Israeli company Grayshift released the GrayKey device, which allowed law enforcement agencies and other organizations to get into the iPhone’s passcode security using some kind of proprietary jailbreaking software. However, Apple soon patched the flaw and the GrayKey was allegedly disabled with iOS 12.

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Lightroom Presets Torrent – Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets

The work of any professional photographer isn’t only the shooting itself, it also presupposes the photo editing. It sounds strange, but sometimes photographers spend even more time editing images than taking them. Photographers try hard to find the reliable methods of speeding up the photo retouching. As practice shows, the most effective tool, many photographers benefit from, is using Lightroom presets.

These Lightroom plugins make photo editing tasks really easy and understandable even for the beginners. Despite the fact that there are many professional LR presets bundles, the photographers don’t hasten to buy them. Each shooter needs reliable photo editing tools, but not everybody is ready to pay money for the first time. Fortunately, there is always a chance to get free Lightroom presets that meet all the standards and your personal requirements. In this article we will tell you where you can find the best free Lightroom presets and solve all the tasks quickly and easily.

Download Torrent Lightroom Presets: Pros & Cons

You may get a little bit confused trying to find popular Matte, Pastel, Film or VSCO Lightroom presets torrent files, as many variants advertised online, aren’t really good. Let’s find out why you should stop using free Lightroom presets torrents.


  • Simple

Forget about a long registration or other time-consuming manipulations. Just open uTorrent (or any other similar app), search for the torrent and download it.

  • Free

All bundles on the web are rather expensive and you have a limited budget. Torrenting will be your real magic wand, as all the stuff is totally buckshee.


  • Unlicensed

Unfortunately, the majority of Lightroom presets are unlicensed and have been uploaded to the site with the violation of the copyright laws. Thus, your computer may get affected by the hefty files embedded in Lightroom presets torrent.

  • Slow-acting

When you need to download Lightroom presets torrent, you usually want to do it fast. But it’s not the case with torrenting. You may have to wait several minutes or hours until you get them at your computer. The most irritating thing is that sometimes you need to decode the file that you have downloaded.

  • Risk

Downloading illegally pirated files is like getting a pig in a poke. You can’t be sure that the LR presets won’t hurt your computer, so the consequences may be unpleasant.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets?

If you want to find free Lightroom presets wedding  or other bundles, there is a great variety of unique and stylish collections on FixThePhoto website. The company offers the best Lightroom presets, which you may use to perfect your image editing skills and develop your individual style.

  • B&W Collection

Black and white photos will never get out of fashion. Photographers are often asked to turn some shots into B&W, with the aim to depict the sincere emotions and feeling. Such photos really have some specific, unique mood. With the help of Lightroom presets free of this collection you’ll be able to achieve the desired effect with several clicks. They can be applied to pictures of all the styles.

  • For Weddings

The wedding photography is a very romantic and tender genre. The color gamut is mainly pastel and light. You don’t need to significantly change the photos, but slightly accentuate the tenderness and a “dreamy” mood. By dint of these Lightroom presets you can achieve the most wonderful results. It is a great idea to combine them with other bundles.

  • Best LR Filters

Actually, every photographer has a collection of his/her favorite photo editing tools, which he/she uses frequently. But there is the kit of best Adobe plugins that are the must-have for every self-respecting shooter and retoucher. It is like the basis of the whole process, which makes the photo editing fast. You will surely like these free Lightroom presets as they are universal and easily adjustable.

  • For Portraits

Have you ever tried editing the stylized portrait photos? Quite a difficult task, isn’t it? But the kit of best Lightroom presets for portraits makes the task simple and even enjoyable. In the collection you will find the plugins for standard image editing and more advanced ones, which will help add the photos stylish fashion and movie effects.

  • Landscape Kit

For those photographers, who specialize in landscapes, these LR presets will be super useful. If you think that the photos lack some bright tones, or you need to regulate the contrast, remove tiny defects – be sure to apply this collection. Besides, you will be able to make the pictures more interesting and appealing due to the sunrise/sun-down effects.

  • Urban Bundle

These Lightroom presets have been designed by the professionals, who took into account all the peculiarities of the urban shots. Either you need to enhance the cityscape photos or the street shots, the collection will be very useful. You may check each and every preset to see how they work.

  • HDR Package

In the collection, you will find different plugins that are aimed at improving the photos in several minutes. Even a slight effect may turn an ordinary shot into a stylish one, change the general mood and add the professional look. You may use HDR presets, as well as Nightclub and Vintage ones. What is really cool that you can apply them to different photos and anyway get a superb result.

  • For Real Estate Photography

The shooters engaged in the real estate photography or realtors definitely know how complicated and tiresome the editing of such pictures may be. Having a bundle of free Lightroom presets ready at hand makes the process faster and easier. Either you need the HDR effect or are interested in Interior Design features, you will achieve the desired result, using this collection.

  • Natural Light Set

If your job is connected with diverse photo genres and you wish to find something universal for image editing, you’d better pay attention to this kit. It comprises the best Lightroom presets which are easily configured and can be applied to any picture. Choose Fall presets if you need to add peculiar mood to the photos. Opt for Warm plugins in case you think that images lack soft tones. Cool presets will be extremely useful if your aim is to add some motion to the shot. Anyway, you can always experiment to create something worthy.

  • VSCO Film Collection

People admire vivid, lively photos and this collection is designed to enrich each shot with the unique atmosphere. You will find more than just Film presets, but will also get Moody and Dark plugin collections. They can be applied to travel, wedding, portrait shots, but most favorably they enhance the event pictures. Just several clicks and an average picture becomes a captivating one.

  • For Product Photography

Is it possible to represent the ordinary equipment, clothes, food and other products in a tempting way? In fact, with these Lightroom presets free you will be able to make the photos interesting and alluring. Without long and tiring manipulations your shots will acquire the stylish look and the customers will surely want to buy the products.

  • For Newborns

Kids’ photographers often face difficult tasks. They need to perfect the photos that are so sweet and tender, without violating this magic atmosphere. Their primary aim is to save the original mood of the images, adding the necessary effect and keep everything harmonious. How to do in the best way? In this collection, you will find all you need to cope with the task successfully. Light, Airy and High Contrast LR presets are at your disposal.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Have downloaded Lightroom presets but have no idea how to install them? We have a simple video guide for you to use. Watch the video to learn all the tricks.

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Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Do you need to make presentations for school or work? Are you striving with strenuous struggle and efforts to create an extraordinary presentation?

If yes, let’s take a look at some key PowerPoint statistics.

– Approximately 35 million presentations are given every day.

– More than 500 million people use PowerPoint.

– An average presentation lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

– According to Microsoft, more than $250 million is being wasted every day due to bad PowerPoint presentations throughout the world.

Yes! A well-organized and professional presentation can definitely help you stand out from the crowd. 

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

But we all know how hard it is for us to create a stunning presentation. Why it is so painful? There are two main reasons: lack of appropriate quality resources and lack of design & layout skills.

Usually, to make a presentation, you might spend hours seeking the appropriate templates/pictures/diagram resources. Of course, you have to pay a lot of dollars for high-quality resources. Unfortunately, even you got the template, you still need to modify it to meet your own needs.   

No worries. Try iSlide, the struggle will be a thing of the past. iSlide is an all-in-one PowerPoint add-in. iSlide truly understand users’ struggle for creating highly professional presentations. Thus, it provides 180k+ high-quality presentation resources and one-click design & layout tools to help users eliminate the pain points and then make wow presentations.

High-quality presentation resources? Look no further

iSlide has 180k+ built-in themes, pictures, diagrams, icons, and more other resources, allowing you to download and insert into your presentation with one click.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Theme Library

iSlide features a Theme Library, including 1000+ themes. Each theme contains 5 slides, which are more like the basic framework of your presentation. It applies exclusive fonts, colors, effects rules, cover, back cover, and layout, setting a style for your whole presentation.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Diagram Library

iSlide collects 7000+ extraordinary diagrams/slides. All the diagrams are made by iSlide in-house experienced designers. Just choose the appropriate slides for your presentation and go.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Icon Library

iSlide aggregates 160k+ icon resources, covering almost all your icon needs. In the below gif, the replacement of icon in the paged templates is realized in the Icon Library.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Picture Library

All the pictures in iSlide Picture Library are free-to-use and copyright-free. Most importantly, they are all in HD.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Smart Diagram

Surprisingly customizable, vivid diagrams will sure bring your presentation to life.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Make great presentation even have no design/layout skills

After inserting the resources, the presentation is half done. Then you need to adjust the layout of the whole slides. iSlide will also help you a lot.

  • Design Layout

How to arrange pictures? What is the appropriate ratio of picture and text? Layout issue is inevitable when making PowerPoint slides and it is hard to achieve even if we have an idea about it.  

Pictures layout like this:

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Scattered elements can be well arranged in a snap by using Matrix Layout feature of iSlide. Moreover, you can customize the layout by adjusting the amount, spacing and angle.

In addition, iSlide aggregates many design tools might be used, allowing us to use them conveniently.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Change colors

iSlide Color Library offers hundreds of well-matched colors schemes, allowing you to change the colors of entire slides by a mouse click. Official color schemes of many companies are included to make commercial PowerPoint design a piece of cake.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Vector Library

Besides traditional resources like icons and pictures, iSlide offers vectors to give you more design possibilities. In addition, the Vector Library also conforms to the current trend of flat style.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • One-Click Export

You can export the selected/all slides as pictures. In addition, the “Join Images”, one of the most popular features of iSlide, allows you to export slides as an infographic in a snap. You don’t need to use Photoshop or other software to join images anymore.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

PowerPoint is only a tool for us. It should help us complete our work better, rather than becoming a hindrance. Hope more and more people can enjoy making PowerPoint slides.

Download, install & use

Download this add-in from the iSlide website:

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Install it, start your PowerPoint, sign up or log in with Facebook/Google account to use.

Your next presentations will be great.

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Top Reasons to Use a PDF Converter

The PDF format is one of the best formats for storing documents. A document format that is in PDF format will remain unchanged, and there are a lot of problems editing such documents. .When you are in a dilemma of whether to purchase PDF converter software or not, making the right choice can be quite difficult. Formatting a document that is in PDF format will require you to have some tips and tricks that are at your disposal. If you need to edit something in your PDF document or if you wish to change the type of programs that a person can view your documents from then conversion of PDF format to other formats is a great option.

What is a PDF?

PDF is an acronym that stands for “Portable Document Format”. PDF, in general, is a format that is used to display electronic documents in a form that is independent of the software, hardware or the operating system that the documents will be viewed. Adobe® Systems developed PDF. The program was designed to be a universally compatible file format that was based on the PostScript format. It is now an international de-facto standard that is used to exchange documents and information between computers, smartphones and the internet.

What is a PDF Converter?

PDF conversion is the process of converting a PDF format to other formats. A PDF converter is a program that is used to convert documents that are in another format to PDF format. A PDF converter is capable of converting word documents to PDF and also Images to PDF.

Why use a PDF converter?

Listed below are some of the reasons why you need a PDF converter on your computer for PDF conversion from one format to another.

PDF documents are not editable

One of the reasons why people use PDF converters is primarily for making PDF content accessible. If the PDF format is to be used for transmission, then major editing or analysis is what most of the PDF content will require. Use of PDF converters will save you all the retyping and data input. A PDF converter will allow you to extract PDF content into other editable formats such as word document format for windows that will allow you to perform all the analysis you need efficiently.

Work, Generate and Access in Different Formats

One of the benefits of freeing up the locked down PDF content is to provide a choice of format. There are many formats to which PDF format can be converted, some of these formats include; Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Excel and RTF. These are but a short list of the standard formats you can generate from a PDF converter.

PDF popularity

Nowadays, PDFs are being created not just by professionals but by ordinary individuals for ordinary purposes. Students in universities use PDF formats to store their notes and assignments. PDFs are also being used on people’s web pages for posting documents and different content. This miscellaneous content is impractical as HTML pages. You may need to convert those documents for your use.

At Think Computers, we use free PDF Simply which is an online PDF converter and editing tool.  The annual membership of the software is less than $1 per month.

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This App can monitor all your social media activities

This App can monitor all your social media activities

Many users are looking for an App or software out of parental controls, management needs and, of course, the issue of trusts between two partners. This kind of monitoring software can actually meet the needs of track the smartphones, but whatever you use it for, just keep it in mind, you must get approved before monitoring others’ devices due to the morality and privacy issues.

The software such as FoneMonitor that allows for monitoring any smartphone. Usually the users utilize it to monitor the targeted devices on their own smartphone or computer. There is no question about the legitimacy of this software, for example, with employees’ consent, it can be used to watch your staffs during the working period in terms of checking the text messages, Apps activity, keylogger on the targeted smartphones, to be sure if the workers are on duty or leaking out the confidential information.

This App can monitor all your social media activities-fonemonitor
FoneMonitor is compatible with both Android and iOS system, it allows for tracking the targeted devices on your smartphone as well as on the computers with Windows or Mac OS system, supporting all the popular web browsers, which include, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
Installation (Easy steps to use FoneMonitor)
There are four simple steps you need to take in order to use FoneMonitor effectively:
Step #1: download the FoneMonitor App on the Android devices from the designated page. On iPhone, it just requires to sync with iCloud, and you can start to use.
Step #2: Create your FoneMonitor account
Step #3: Verify the targeted smartphone
Step #4: Monitor the activities on the targeted phone.
For Android devices, you need to install the App on the targeted device, the App can be set to be invisible on the phone.



With FoneMonitor, you are able to monitor Calls, contacts, Social media Apps activity, instant messaging (including WhatsApp and Snapchat), downloaded applications, Browser history, Multimedia data, Notes, and Events.

  •  Ability to download and play any media attachments from the smartphone being monitored.
  •  GPS tracking to track the location of the device user.
  •  Provides information on user browser history- check all websites visited and the actions performed on each website and for how long the user has been visiting the websites.
  •  FoneMonitor keeps track of all photos shared, and received through Instant messages.
  • It allows you to take screen shots of the messages and webpages of the device being monitored.
  •  FoneMonitor sends keyword alerts to your device, helping you to keep track of certain explicit words being used on the device you monitor.
  •  It features a “Schedule restriction” option. This feature allows you to create a time table for times you want to spy , it could be hourly or on specific dates.
  •  It comes with a video preview where you can actually watch a snippet of the video being watched from the device being monitored if you don’t have all the time to watch full videos.
  •  Social apps integration – This gives you one-time access to all popular social network being used by the device you are monitoring.
  •  Comes with a calendar feature that helps you schedule specific dates to monitor a device remotely.
  •  Applications- all the programs and applications being used on the monitored device will be revealed with the pressing of a tab.
  •  Geofences capability- This is a location-based service that relies on Wi-Fi to trigger a pre-programmed action even when the device being monitored has created a boundary.
  • Keylogger capability-  This feature will record all the key strokes used by the owner of device being monitored. This will help you gain access or have an idea of the words and sentence being typed by the owner of monitored devices.
  • App activity monitoring- This feature allows you to track down the apps being used at specific period of the day and the actions taken on such apps.

In conclusion, the FoneMonitor app is a one-stop tracking solution with endless possibilities. It tracks one device at a time but all connections with the device can also be monitored with the purpose of unravelling the identities involved.

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Two Best Tools to Make Ease for You: Reverse Image Search & Word Count Checker

Two Best Tools to Make Ease for You: Reverse Image Search & Word Count Checker

The world has changed in recent times, and there has been the technological advancement that has made the life of people more comfortable, faster, and secure than it was before. People were not aware in the past that how useful this advanced technology can be for their personal as well as social lives.

Today, people are involved in socializing with the world on popular applications online such as Facebook, and many others. Many people are into blogging and content writing for the websites which need several measures to be fulfilled to attract the traffic on their sites.

For the help of these people, two best tools are developed by Reverse Image Search and Word Counter. Reverse image search is a CBIR (content-based image retrieval) technique that involves the particular image to be searched to retrieve the information regarding that image. Word counter is the tool that provides users with the information about the characters with and without spaces, number of words and much more.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search technology helps you to get to know about who else in the world is manipulating or using the image that belongs to you without seeking permission or copyrights. The image search ensures the compliance with copyright regulations.

The reverse image searching should be used by everyone who is into socializing or running any website. You can use reverse image search as a free online utility that helps you to figure out who is duplicating the picture that belongs to you.

It is quite impossible for you to identify the person who is misusing your picture on the internet because there are numerous websites present, and you can’t go through each of them for detecting who has duplicated your photo. To help you do this work faster and to provide you with knowledge about the misuse of your image or art, reverse image search tool takes few seconds and presents you with the results related to the picture.

Furthermore, people can use this tool to find a better resolution version of their desired images by searching with the lower resolution picture. This helps them posting a good quality picture that has better resolutions. This would make it possible for people to attract more people towards the pictures that they upload.

The reverse photo search can be used on any device whether it is MAC, Linux or OS. No specific operating device is compatible with reverse image search, and it can be consumed for free at any time around the globe.

Search with the picture is an easy to use tool, it does not require training or any tutorial videos to people for being able to use it. The search by picture with this image search engine can be done in many ways. To search the reverse image search you can upload the file from your device’s gallery, you can drag the image and drop it in the drop box, or you can enter the URL of the image in the search box.

After that just by clicking on the search icon, you’ll be provided with the results (if any) on the screen. You’ll be able to see who else in this world is manipulating the content that belongs to you.

To help yourself in protecting your privacy, image reverse search by is highly recommended as it is fully secured tool that does not saves the image that you search instead helps you to find out who else is misusing the image.

Word Count Checker

Word counter provides the user with the detailed statistics of syllables, sentences, the average length of words and phrases, keywords, estimated reading and speaking time, etc.

The word count tool is helpful for students who are most likely to be involved in writing tasks. Students are often assigned for the writing of work with the limit provided about the number of words. There is a bit of leeway given; however, if your word limit exceeds too much, then this would lead to a loss of marks.

It will be a waste of time and effort if you count the number of words yourself when this efficient tool is available. Teachers can make use of this tool for checking whether the students wrote in the given length or it exceeded to evaluate and mark them.

As a blogger or content writer, you may be needed to write for someone in a given limit. Here, the word count is the distinctive element that helps bloggers build their credibility. It can be a helpful tool if you own the site, if the text is within a specific length, then it would result in a higher rank for the website. The content writers have to maintain the keyword density; this tool can help them know about the top keyword used in the article.

To use the word counter, you need to enter the text in the space provided. You can also copy and paste the text in the box. The word calculator will show the results as you type. Moreover, there is an option to upload the file in the field provided, it will upload the data in the box, and you will be shown the results immediately. To clear the text for making other word count search, you can click on a button and the text box will be cleared.

The limitation of the file upload on SmallSEOTools word counter is 10 MB size for any file. However, there is no text limit about the number of words. The character count tool accepts variety of file formats like .docx, .txt, and .doc. The word count tool works on the text format most efficiently.

The word count tool is available for 100% free for all the users around the globe. Now people need not rely on the software like MS Word which first needs to be installed on the devices. You can use this tool for free!

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Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

If you are a fan of Apagraph and love the animated themes that have been on the site since its launch, you will happy to hear that new material has landed. Apagraph users can now choose from four animated themes instead of two so users can have double the fun!

Animated themes Add Something Extra

If you have already been using the Apagraph sparkle animation and grunge animation then you are going to love sharing our latest additions to our ever-growing range of themes. Animated themes help to capture your followers attention with eye-catching features that make people want to read all of your quotes.

Get Even More Animated 

The three new Apagraph themes are perfect for quotes about love, romance, books, poetry, love songs, happiness, motivation and much more. Whatever you want to let the world know, the new animated quotes will let you do so.

The One for Bookworms!

Whether you love to delve deep into classic novels or you are more of a chic-lit lover, the new ‘book’ animated theme if perfect for all you wordsmiths. The brightly coloured animated features two people who look very happy to be in each others company—perhaps sharing their favourite quotes among one and other. Now you can share you famous quotes or lines from poems with this star filled theme.

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

The one for Romantics!

The more romantic Apagraph themes are among our most popular quotes which means that there are lot of people in love out there—always a good thing. You may have a quote that tells the world how much you are in love with your partner but, don’t worry, this animation is not sickly sweet. The cool skulls on the animation offer a little tongue-in-cheek so, if you are not too happy with your loved one or you have been hurt by love, this theme will still fit the bill. 

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

The Happy One!

One of our favorite ever Apagraph themes—this one simply beams with happiness. This theme is perfect for quotes that enforce comfort, reflection and spirituality so if you want to close your eyes and imagine that you are listening to music from a field in South America this theme is for you. If you want to add a little color to your timeline when you share your quotes, this bright green and blue number will do the trick.

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

With these three new animated themes from Apagraph you will be sure to have lots of fun and may even run out of words to say! If you do need a little inspiration then you can head over to the Apagraph feed to read quotes from the community and throw a little love their way with a like.

As always, once you have decided on what theme works best with your words of wisdom you can share your quotes with friends on social media.

We can’t wait to see our new themes in action, so go get quoting!

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Movavi Video Suite: Everything Necessary to Easily Create Amazing Videos from Scratch

Movavi Video Suite: Everything Necessary to Easily Create Amazing Videos from Scratch

Do you want to come up with videos but feel you don’t have the expertise or experience to record, edit and ultimately produce the kind of videos that you want? Considering there’s so much that goes into creating videos, it can be daunting to say the least.

That is why if you do want to come up with videos of your own – you should definitely try Movavi Video Suite. It is a user-friendly software that will allow you to record, edit, and create exactly the kind of videos that you want to.

Choose How to Capture the Video Footage Needed

While Movavi Video Suite can utilize video footage that you recorded using a smartphone, digital camera or any other device – it will also allow you to record video footage from scratch. In fact it will provide you with several options that you can choose to do so.

To be more specific with Movavi Video Suite you will be able to record video footage directly from your computer screen, create a video slideshow from images, or record videos from external devices such as a webcam. It can even digitize videos from analog sources, such as TV tuners or VHS players.

All these options will ensure that you’re able to acquire the video footage that you need to create any type of video. In some cases you may even want to record or utilize videos from various sources in order to come up with the final product that you desire.

Compile, Edit and Improve the Video

In order to allow you to compile and produce impressive videos, Movavi Video Suite has a powerful built-in video editor. Unlike editors you may have encounter in the past it is designed to be intuitive, and its features don’t require any prior experience at all.

By taking advantage of the tools in Movavi Video Suite’s editor, you can compile video footage and start to transform it into the type of video that you want. Its capabilities are nothing to sniff at, and you will be able to:

  • Merge any video clips together, arrange them in the order that you require, and trim out parts that aren’t needed.
  • Enhance the quality of videos by adjusting the color settings manually or automatically as well as fixing video footage that is blurry, shaky, or has other issues.
  • Add audio tracks to include background music, a voiceover, and more – either from your own audio files or the built-in media.
  • Edit audio tracks to remove unwanted background noise, normalize quiet audio, adjust the equalizer settings, or apply audio effects.
  • Place animated transitions between segments of video to link them together in a creative fashion.
  • Apply unique artistic filters or advanced special effects including options such as Chroma key, slow motion, split screen, and more.
  • Insert normal or animated text fields that can be customized to create unique captions, subtitles, watermarks, and more.

Overall the capabilities of Movavi Video Suite’s editor are nothing less than comprehensive and will ensure you’re equipped with everything that you need. When you’re done you will be able to save the video that you create in any format, or could take advantage of the built-in presets to automatically optimize it for a specific device or platform.

As you can see Movavi Video Suite is the perfect tool to make a video as it has everything that you could possibly require under a single roof. The only thing needed on your part is a bit of creativity and the impetus to give it a try so you can start producing your very first video with its help.

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How to keep all your messengers in one place on Mac

In the modern world messengers have practically replaced live communication, and to make communication in social. Networks are more convenient and here are several applications that will greatly facilitate your life.


This app eliminates the need to switch between windows and applications while communicating in multiple messengers: the cross-platform program works with 44 popular services and collects all your chats in one place.

Rambox works as a standard application, it can be expanded to full screen or minimized. The program has a simple interface and contains tabs, each of which hosts one of the services. Once you add a messenger for it, you can turn off sounds or show notifications. There is also a total Do Not Disturb feature and allows you to focus on your work.

For convenience, the application synchronizes all your accounts and settings, which eliminates the need to connect accounts again when installing the application on another computer or after reinstalling. To do this, just log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google or GitHub.

For security reasons, Rambox can be blocked and no one can read the correspondence in your absence. The application will prompt you for a password and ask for it to unlock.


It is a single app for Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype and others

Franz is an application with which you can communicate in eight popular instant chat apps: Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Grape.

Each of the necessary instant chats is opened in a new tab. In the application, audio and video calls are unavailable-they are made using a browser. All applications inside Franz retain their usual look (style of writing messages, avatars etc.). Franz also allows you to configure multiple user profiles.

Try to analyze how much time you spend on correspondence in instant social medias? E.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Google Hangouts, barely alive ICQ . Each has its own application, its own notification sound and a piece of space in the Dock menu.

All-in-One Messenger 

This is an add-on for the browser that combines all these social networks. The principle of its work is the same: through the web version of instant social medias you bind the account to one of the extension tabs and get several instant chats in one application. I remain an active user of the Austrian application almost from the moment of its release, and from my own experience I want to note that All-in-One Messenger has one significant drawback. While working with it, the Chrome browser must be running in the background.

(IM = Instant Messenger) 

It is a program, mobile application or web service for instant texting.

This is a program in which you write messages and where you read them. But behind each such program there is a network of texting which also enters into concept “chat”. It could be a network inside your company, or a global network, like Jabber.

Due to the fact that these networks have divorced quite a lot, not all apps are compatible. It is not the fact that if you have an instant messenger and your partner has an instant messenger, then you can contact him.

The concept of a messenger has long been unconnected only with the exchange of text messages. Modern messengers have already become full-fledged communication centers, which use voice and video communication, file sharing, web conferences.


It is another alternative client for ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber (Google Talk, Yandex) networks. Support for all these and many other instant texting protocols in Miranda latest versions is implemented as separate plugins, which are included in the default installation but can be optionally removed and disabled. Miranda also supports the installation of skins, which are now so popular on the web. There is only one problem with using of Miranda – the impossibility of self-registration of a new ICQ-account. Those you will need to pre-register a new account by ICQ client or via the web-interface. In case you already have a number and password and you want a fast and convenient ICQ-client, then Miranda will suit you more than the original version of ICQ-client.

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