Bug in Spotify is wiping of users data on computer and laptop by overwriting it

Bug in Spotify writes massive amounts of junk data to computer wiping out the previous data

Avoid using the Spotify App on your PC right now!

If you are using the Spotify App on your PC/laptop, stop it right now! Spotify users are reporting that the app is writing random junk data on their PC hard drives and wiping the old data out. If you use Spotify’s desktop apps should consider switching to its Web version or using the Spotify App for iPhone or Android for now.

This strange Spotify bug surfaced around five months ago when users reported that the desktop App was overwriting their own data on their PC/laptops. Users reported that Spotify was writing a humongous amount of junk data sometimes measuring in terabytes.Strangely, the bug affects even if you close Spotify or Spotify is idle and is playing/storing any songs locally.

Also, the Spotify bug is  not limited to Windows. Several subscribers reported that the streaming service’s apps for Mac, Windows and Linux computers have been writing hundreds of gigabytes of data per day to users’ hard drives wiping their own precious data.

The reason for Spotify doing so is not known so it’s certainly worthwhile to avoid Spotify on your desktop for the time being. Also, continuous writing that much data that often to your hard drive can reduce its lifespan.

Spotify told Ars Technica that it’s fixed the issue in version 1.0.42, which is currently rolling out to all users. You are advised to update your Spotify for Mac, Windows and Linux immediately to avoid the strange overwriting bug.


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