You Can Now Play ‘Doom’ On A MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Nostalgia-chasers and retro gamers are in for some good news, maybe partly though. Facebook engineer, Adam Bell has released a version of the 1993 classic game ‘Doom’ that can be played entirely on the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

The original Doom is playable on the 2170×60 resolution of the Touch Bar. The touch bar replaces the traditional function keys as a digital, displaying context-sensitive controls that go beyond regular buttons due to the multitouch display. It can apparently be reconfigured to display the original Doom complete with music and sound effects pumped through the Pro’s speakers.

“Doom runs on pretty much everything… but can it run on the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar?” Bell tweeted, linking to a YouTube video of the game running.

On the flipside, the Touch Bar’s resolution doesn’t make it easy to play the classic game. Also, the HUD fixed on the Touch Bar can be a bit of a pain to use.

This hack may not be the best way to play Doom, but it is definitely an impressive use of the new technology.