Donald Trump sweeping American Polls, Canadian migration website down!!!

How to move to Canada: Canadian Immigration website crashes as Donald Trump is ready to become President of the United States of America

Donald Trump is the45th President of the United States of America

Trump takes 276 electoral votes to 218 for Hillary Clinton

Left-liberals suck!! Conservatives have won! These were some of the messages that welcomed the world today after the United States Presidential elections were held yesterday.  The vote patterns follow closely in the footsteps of the Indian elections of 2014 and the Brexit elections held earlier in the year when the mainstream media (MSM) went all out to support the left-liberal and socialist worldview and people chose to look the other way and think differently.

Many left-liberals had said that they will move out of India after Indian Prime Minister Modi’s win and leave the United Kingdom after the Brexit win for conservatives. Similarly, many left-liberals in the United States had announced migrating to Canada if Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Elections of 2016. Even many Hollywood stars like Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer announced that they would leave the US if Trump wins.

All these left-liberals were left sucking their thumbs as the Canadian immigration website, went down, probably due to a DDoS attack.

The official website for ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ has stopped working, apparently under some Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The migration website offers ways of applying either to live in or to become a citizen of Canada. But today, all those left-liberals trying to access it actually are able to see is a long loading page and no access to the website.

The country’s official Twitter account appeared to reference the US election results in a tweet posted just as it became clear that Trump looked set to move into the White House.

The Twitter is filled with hate tweets from socialists, democrats and odd lots with what is happening to the United States even as it looks to install Trump as the next President of the United States.

Donald Trump has finally made it. Against all odd, against the totally anti-Trump campaign run by the mainstream media (MSM) and against all the exit polls overwhelmingly showing Hillary Clinton as the leader till 7.30 pm on 8th November, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America.

Hope Donald Trump makes America great again !!!

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  1. Really?! “The Twitter is filled with hate tweets from socialists, democrats”? Yeah, it is filled with the thoughts and comments from millions of types of Americans including the negative rhetoric echoed back from Trump’s speeches. It goes both ways. I almost stopped reading this article after the first paragraph but was interested in, what I believe, was a DDoS Attack on Canada’s Immigration website. (Note; I am Independant who votes both left and right).

    I guess we are all entitled to our voice.

  2. Great article. The way you pointed out the similarities was interesting. I am not sure that I really understand Modi because I don’t understand all the issues. From all that I read he seems to be a reformer who is making a lot of changes. It seems like a lot of news outlets associate him with violence, but part of me thinks that this is similar to Trump being associated with violence because of the actions of anti-Trump hooligans. My uninformed impression is that Modi is a no nonsense guy who has managed to change many things.


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