After Galaxy Note 7, it is now Samsung’s top-loading washing machines that are being recalled

Samsung recalls 2.8 million washing machines in U.S. fearing safety concerns

Samsung has been facing a harrowing time for more than two months now and it doesn’t seem to get over. First, it was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were exploding due to defective batteries, resulting in the worldwide recall of at least 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in 10 markets.

Now, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall affecting 2.8 million Samsung Electronics Co. washing machines, as more than 700 reports of excessive vibration on the machines or the top detaching and nine reports of injuries including a broken jaw were reported, said the agency on Friday. The recall affects 34 top-loading models sold at various stores starting in 2011.

According to a US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announcement, “The washing machine top can unexpectedly detach from the washing machine chassis during use, posing a risk of injury from impact.”

Samsung received nine related reports of injuries, including a broken jaw, injured shoulder and other fall-related injuries.

“We’re talking about … a very serious hazard of the top of these washing machines completely blowing off,” Elliot Kaye, the chairman of the CPSC told in an interview with Good Morning America. “It is a lot of reports.”

Kaye said the tops of the affected units weren’t “secured enough based on a design failure. And the top just completely blows off.”

Back in September, it was reported that the CPSC was working with Samsung to address safety issues related to address the safety issue related to 34 models of the company’s top-loading washing machines that were made between March 2011 and April of 2016. It seems things have escalated since then, leading to today’s announcement.

The recall affects 34 models that were sold from March 2011 to November 2016. Click here to find out if your unit is affected. Customers can get a free repair in their home, a rebate toward a new washing machine with free installation or a refund for anyone who purchased one of the recalled machines in the last 30 days. Customers also would receive label kits and, until they receive them, are instructed to use delicate or waterproof cycles for bedding, water-resistant or bulky items.

“Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall,” said John Herrington, senior vice president and general manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. “We are moving quickly and in partnership with the CPSC to ensure consumers know the options available to them and that any disruption in the home is minimized.”

Earlier this year, Samsung faced a class-action lawsuit from customers who said their washing machines had exploded – a recurring theme for some of the company’s products leading to potential injury or property damage.

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