Top 5 Medtech startups developing medical technology with the help of  Government of Israel

Israel, a nation pushing innovation, is seeking out strategic partnerships for its top medtech companies at MEDICA 2016

Israel is one of the few countries that knows how to utilize every resource that it has available. Since 1948, Israel has learned to adapt to the few resources it has within reach. This drive to succeed has also driven the Israeli people to learn that innovation can solve almost anything. As a response to the innovation ‘urge’, Israel has grown and developed to be one of the leading tech countries in the world, on par with the United States and Europe.

One of the main reasons that tech development in Israel has gotten to where it is today is government initiatives and support. Government programs, such as the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), together with Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy promote Israeli trade relations, cooperation, and strategic alliances with overseas companies which enhance tech development and the ability to increase innovation in a variety of fields. As a part of Israel’s understanding that as one of the global leaders in the tech field, it is of value to send companies to represent Israeli innovation.

Tomer Epstein, Manager of Medical Device and HIT within the IEICI
Tomer Epstein, Manager of Medical Device and HIT within the IEICI

One such innovative field that is promoted by governmental initiatives is the medtech scene. Medtech is a field that is influenced by global partnerships, as many times advanced solutions in the medical field come from extensive partnerships between doctors, researchers and tech companies from around the world.

While there are many rising stars making great strides in the global medtech industry, here are some of the top Israeli companies making an impact in the field.


Since its founding in 2004, Motorika has set out to create robot-assisted solutions to meet the therapeutic needs of patients suffering from a variety of neurological conditions, as well as orthopedic and post-surgery dysfunction. The company works with top experts in the field to develop and market high-end robotic-assisted rehabilitation products for upper and lower extremities.

Medasense Biometrics Ltd.

Medasense Biometrics Ltd. is an early-stage medical device company specializing in innovative pain monitoring solutions. Medasense’s mission is to reduce pain suffering through developing innovative technological solutions that can more accurately measure a patient’s pain level, resulting in improved pain treatment.


HealthWatch is a pioneer in harnessing textile technology to produce fashionable, smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors that measure vital signs of hospital-grade quality. When coupled with HealthWatch’s monitor and control device attached to the garment, users get personals alerts and monitoring from medical experts without affecting the user’s lifestyle.


GlucoMe has built a wireless Blood Glucose Monitor (BGM) that connects to mobile devices using a patent-pending acoustic technology. The unique technology enables GlucoMe to be the lowest cost connected glucometer in the market. The device is super-small, fashionable, and extremely simple to use – it has no display, no on/off buttons, no wired connector, no Bluetooth, no WiFi and no cellular connection.


EarlySense has built a continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. Founded in 2004, EarlySense is a dynamic, rapidly growing company focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks and rehabilitation centers.

The IEICI is currently sending some of Israel’s key players in the medtech world to Medica 2016. In addition to the companies listed above, the IEICI is presenting more than 60 medical device and healthcare IT technology companies at the conference. As Tomer Epstein, Manager of Medical Device and HIT within the IEICI says, “the government of Israel works hard to promote the creme de la creme of ISraeli health tech companies whose solutions will change our well-being in more ways that one.” So if you happen to be attending the Medica Conference, keep an eye out for the many Israeli companies that are changing the world through medtech.