Man Falls Off Virtual Cliff And Hits Real Floor While Using VR Headset

With the evolution in technology, Virtual Reality (VR) is now become the latest trend and a full-fledged entertainment option. It can simulate the environment of the games or app in VR Glasses such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Virtual Boy, etc. While it is an altogether different experience playing games using VR, sometimes such experiences can result in a fall too (literally!!!).

George Takei, Facebook’s resident sharer of stuff that makes us laugh, posted a video credited to the video feed Jukin Media in which an unnamed user is seen trying out an Oculus headset inside a Microsoft store. However, sometime later, while climbing up a virtual mountain, the man has an unexpected fall not only in-game but also in real life. The video has been viewed 8.5 million times.

On checking the video, one can see that the man is playing a game in which he is climbing some virtual cliff or mountain. He then looks down to see how high up he is and as he’s reaching to climb higher, the man falls face first to the real-world floor.

However, the most funniest part of the video is what’s happening in the background. When the man falls, a Microsoft employee contains her laughter long enough to ask the man if he’s OK, which he says he is as he gets back to his feet. Also, you can notice two men in blue shirts (Microsoft employees at the rear-right of the video screen, who get up to gauge what happened before they disappear behind the counter again.

Source: The Next Web