Top 5 Latest Drones You Should Buy In 2016

Top 5 latest drones you should buy ahead of the 2016 holiday season

Forget smartphones, think about something unique to gift this holidays to your near and dear ones! How about a drone. Drones are latest in thing or fashion and making news daily. We already know that military uses drones to bomb terrorist hideouts while companies like Amazon and Dominos are already testing drone delivery services somewhere in the US. How about owning one or gifting one to somebody you care about.

Drones come in many varieties. Some come with cameras built-in, while others are plain vanilla drones. Some can stay afloat for half hour while others can manage 10 minutes of flight. How do you choose the correct drone? In this article, we bring to the top 5 latest drones which have everything you wish for and are within your budget.

Top 5 Latest Drones You Should Buy Right Now

#1 Phantom 4

Phantom 4

Our list starts off with the best of the lot, DJI Phantom 4. Phantom 4 is the smartest drone available in the market right now. The Phantom 4 is from DJI and is available for a discount of $200 at $1199.00.

#2 DJI Mavic



Mavic is another drone from DJI family and is cheaper to Phantom 4. Rather than have a large, rigid quadcopter design, the Mavic Pro is foldable, and it’s small enough to fit in your bag. It has a flight time of 27 minutes and comes with its own App for Android and iOS.  The Pro camera aboard it is capable of recording up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, or full HD up to 96 frames per second. It is available for $999.

#3 GoPro Karma

DJI Mavic

This comes straight from the house of topline security camera makers, GoPro. The GoPro Karma drone is small enough to fit easily into a small backpack (which it ships with). The Karma controller is has a built-in touch screen, so you don’t need a phone to see footage from the Karma. The Karma alone will cost £720 or $799, with no GoPro included. It is compatible with Hero 4 and Hero 5. The GoPro Karma with the Hero 5 Black will cost £999 or $1099. The Karma with the Hero 5 Session will cost $999.

 Skeye Pico Drone

This one is from Skeye which are known drone manufacturers and are famous for bringing world’s smallest Skeye Nano drone for $35. Skeye Pico Drone can fly with precision thanks to 6-axis flight control and a gyroscope. The Pico Drone comes with LED lights and can fly for eight minutes on full charge and comes with a controller that works up to 50m away. You can buy for $40 here.



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