1,000 Feet Drop Test: Google Pixel Vs. Apple iPhone 7 (Video)

Who survived the 1,000 feet drop test – Google Pixel or Apple iPhone 7? Check out this video

Are you clumsy in handling your expensive smartphone? Do you have the fear of your trusty smartphone slipping out of your hand and leave you with a cracked screen display? If yes, it is always better to know if the new phone you are buying can survive the drop test.

In a recent video uploaded by UnlockRiver.com, a YouTube channel which conducts drop tests on phones purely for enjoyment, put the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 to test. Both the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are dropped from a height of 1,000 feet.

As you can see from the video above, the host introduces the drop test and says that he will be suspending the phones that were attached onto a drone, flown to 1,000 feet and he will eventually release the phones in mid-air as they go into free fall. Neither the Pixel nor the iPhone 7 survived the drop test, but it turned out to be the Pixel that suffered less damage than the iPhone 7. Both the phones’ screen were shattered and were not in a usable condition. While the iPhone 7’s back was full of scratches and dents, the Pixel’s remained largely undamaged besides the screen.

Without any guesses, we clearly get to know at the end of the video that Google Pixel appears to be the “tougher” of the two. While we all know that in no way any phone in the world can survive after being dropped from 1,000 feet, it is fun to watch expensive smartphones getting destroyed in an interesting way (assuming you like to watch it).


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