Google launches App Maker to help anyone easily build custom enterprise software

Google Unveils Low-Code App Maker For Enterprises

Google has just announced the launch of App Maker, a low code tool for rapid application development of business-centric apps. It was made available in private beta on Wednesday for enterprise customers of G Suite, Google’s family of productivity tools for enterprises. App Maker promises to make it simple for anybody can instantly build and deploy basic custom apps for a very specific purpose inside an organization.

“App Maker lets you build a range of applications customized to meet the needs of your organization and connects to a wide range of data sources and APIs,” said exec Elissa Murphy during the announcement. “This unique flexibility starts with built-in support for G Suite products as well as popular services such as Maps, Contacts, Groups and more. You can also leverage other Google Cloud services such as the Directory API and Prediction API, or third-party APIs, to create richer, more intelligent application experiences.”

These applications then run on the same infrastructure on which Google’s own G Suite apps run, and IT admins can also manage them in exactly the same way as Gmail, Drive and other G Suite applications. This powerful cloud-based IDE (integrated development environment) features built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI, and point-and-click data modelling for faster modelling and prototyping, which reportedly can let citizen developers easily create their own apps or drastically cut the time needed by professional coders to create apps.

“I was able to develop a really sophisticated app for log-in monitoring from ideation all the way through the final delivered app to our administrators for them to use [in] five weeks,” said Troy Whorton, senior application developer for the State of Wyoming, in a Google-provided video. “And that’s just unheard of in any other kind of product lifecycle.” Whorton said he was at first skeptical of the tool because he’s a “real developer.”

App Maker is now available through Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business. Companies that are part of the Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business will have a chance to try out App Maker before it becomes available to the public.

In addition to the App Maker announcement, Google announced that it is also expanding the scope of its already existing “Recommended for G Suite” program with new enterprise apps. This program verifies that an application is well-integrated into G Suite and that it has been tested for security vulnerabilities. The new apps which have been added to G Suite via this program include Virtru, LumApps, DocuSign, Freshdesk, Zoho Invoice, Xero, and Asana.

Source: Techcrunch

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  1. Nice post, Kavita! It’s a great news that Google has unveiled a new low – coding app development tool. Nowadays, the app store is thriving with a plethora of apps. As an app developer at IndiaNIC , I am fond of developing unique apps.


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