Microsoft’s whole new ‘Game Mode’ will improve gaming performance in Windows 10

Leaked Windows 10 Build Has A ‘Game Mode’ That Would Boost Game Performance

A recent leak of a new Windows 10 beta build has revealed that Microsoft is developing a Windows 10 Game Mode that looks to enhance the GPU and CPU performance and eventually the PC gaming experience.

Twitter user WalkingCat (@h0x0d) was the first to discover a new dynamic-link library (DLL) called “gamemode.dll” in the latest pre-release Windows 10 build (14997). According to the nomadic feline, Windows 10’s Game Mode “will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/Gfx etc.) to prioritize” the performance of a game over other programs.

In other words, it appears that Game Mode will optimize the entire OS around the game that you’re playing so that the system’s CPUs and GPUs are unaffected by unnecessary background processes during the games. Operations those aren’t essential to ensure the best gameplay performance and stability will be switched to a lower priority.

According to WindowsCentral, the way that the new mode would function is very similar to the way the Xbox One runs a game, and should boost performance by allocating resources specifically for gaming. It will most likely include Xbox-style enhanced streaming for Windows 10 as well as improvements to tournament play.

The new features and improvements are expected to officially come to Windows Insiders in January 2017, while the same is expected to come to all users with the Creators Update in spring of 2017. What’s unclear is if the feature will only work with Windows Store games or will it also extend to games launched from other clients, such as Steam and Origin.

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