Next time your Windows has a system error, you will get a ‘Green Screen of Death’

BSOD = GSOD : Blue Screen of Death to give way to Green Screen of Death in future Windows 10 builds

The Windows Blue Screen of Death gives goosebumps to even the soberest PC user. Every Microsoft Windows version had this uncanny ability of getting a system error and showing you the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) when you are doing something important. The purple blue screen which symbolizes the BSOD is enough to give many pros sleepless nights. However, that may soon change and you will see a Green Screen of Death (GSOD) instead of BSOD.

As per reports Microsoft is testing an all new Green Screen of Death (GSOD) on the new Windows 10 Insider Build instead of the classic Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error page we have all been used to.

The change was first reported by Matthijs Hoekstra, Senior Program Manager for Windows Enterprise Developer Platform. It was then spotted by Windows 10 Insider,  Chris123NT.

All future Windows 10 Insider builds will feature the green error screen, while stable Windows 10 versions will continue to use the classic blue-themed error page. According to Microsoft officials the new color-coding of error screens would allow support staff to triage bugs and prioritize customers.

If you have signed up for Windows Insider program and checked up the new leaked Windows 10 Insider Build 14997, you can see the GSOD for yourself.  This same build also introduced a blue light filter, a gaming mode for Windows 10, default blocking of Flash in Edge, and a “pause” option for Windows update operations.

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