This website knows everything that you download using BitTorrent including your IP address

‘I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent’ website knows everything that you download using BitTorrent including your IP address

If you thought that by using BitTorrent, you were keeping your identity anonymous, then you may want to think twice? Anti-piracy companies employ various tools to track down illegal downloads but this one takes the cake. I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent (IKWDB) knows everything that you do with your BitTorrent including your IP address.

Apparently, a website tool named as the “I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent (IKWDB)” has been launched online that shows millions of IP addresses of the users who have accessed illegal file-sharing sites aka torrent websites on the Internet. In other words, this tool will reveal IP addresses of anyone who has downloaded songs, movies, or anything on the BitTorrent without using VPN (Virtual Private Network), proxy or seedbox for public viewing.

As a result, there is a slight chance that you may end up getting warnings in your mailboxes from the original copyrights holder of the media content for illegal download. Having said that, BitTorrent user is not likely to face any legal hurdles per se, but a warning message suggesting not to visit the BitTorrent site again may be sent.

Currently, IKWDB has information on 460,000 torrents in its database plus 70 million unique IP-addresses captured during the last month alone. This makes it much bigger than its predecessor (, which was closed recently.

The main purpose of IKWDB is to actually help original copyright holders or organisations to understand how their network is used to pirate content.

“We’ve set up the site for promotional purposes and as a demonstration of our capabilities,” Marketing director Andrey Rogov told TorrentFreak.

“We are engaged in the distribution of information relating to torrent downloading activity to rightsholders, advertising platforms, law-enforcement and international organizations.”

In some extraordinary instances, they also help individuals to remove their own content (deemed illegal and inappropriate or offensive in nature) from public view if it’s being shared without permission.

“For example, we received a letter from a girl whose sexually explicit video had appeared on the Internet and had been widely spread over torrents sites. We helped her to remove public access to this content.

“We also respond to inquiries from some organizations. For example, Northeastern University asked us about torrent downloads from their IP-addresses,” Rogov explains.

In addition, IKWDB also offers another nifty spy tool where you can see what your friends are downloading on BitTorrent sites, without knowing their IP address. If your friend clicks on the hyperlink of a file-sharing site via SMS, then their alleged download history shows up immediately, without the IP address being exposed.

Source: TorrentFreak

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