Idaho man loses 7 teeth after vape explodes in his face

In a horrifying incident, an Idaho man was seriously injured when an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth blowing out seven of his teeth and giving him second-degree facial burns around his mouth.

For those unfamiliar, vaping was invented in 2003 to help those individuals who are trying to quit smoking. In turn, vaping became so famous that even non-smokers tried it and were impressed, which increased the number of individuals using this. The vaping, which is executed through what is called an electronic cigarette or a vape pen, is a little more complicated than lighting up an organic cigarette.

The practice is which is barely lethal or dangerous turned out to be nightmare for this 30-year-old man. Andrew Hall was at his Pocatello home when his vaping mechanism “exploded without warning,” the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Hall wrote on his Facebook page that he felt the need to share this incident as there are probably many people out there who vape and shared photos from the day of the alleged incident. “I was getting ready for work when I had something happen to me that I didn’t expect possible. I am currently in the ICU, I am fine but be aware these are some pretty graphic photos,” he said.

He was operating the e-cig normally when the device exploded, Hall added. “I’ve been doing this for about a year now and assure you I did not do anything I wasn’t supposed to (battery was in right, always had the shop put it together when I first bought it and add things and maintenance it the right way while taking their advice) but it exploded in my face. I’ve lost at least 7 teeth, 2nd degree burns to face and neck and have been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips. I was lucky and they’re was a huge amount of damage to the room in my house I was in as well.”

He said his injuries had forced him to “reevaluate or find other methods of smoking”.

(WARNING: These photos, as Hall as clearly stated above, are pretty graphic.)

Hall is aware that vaping is an alternative to tobacco smoking, but saw the risks of vaping first hand.

“I know vapes help people quit smoking cigarettes and that’s amazing,” he said. “I just want to bring to light this is possible that they can explode without warning. I would have said ‘no way that’s possible’ until now.”

On Tuesday, Hall thanked those “around the world” for sending him good vibes after his story of an exploding vape went viral and shared a photo showing the early stages of his recovery process.

Hall’s mother has a crying plea to help anyone else out there. “Please don’t vape. If you are vaping and you think this is okay, don’t do it in front of the kids. This is gonna happen,” said Anagelee Hall, mother of Hall. She herself used to vape, and has since quit.