KATRG, Kickass Torrents own movie ripping group makes a super comeback

KATRG, KickassTorrent’s own movie ripping group makes a pronounced comeback

If you have visited the KickassTorrent’s comeback website, katco.cr/new/ you may have noticed that most of the movie torrents released on the comeback domain are from KATRG. Before you wonder any further, KATRG is an abbreviation of KAT Release Group or KickassTorrent’s own movie ripping group.

KickassTorrents community had announced the formation of KATRG in the aftermath of the shutdown of the most popular ripping group – YIFY/YTS. YIFY/YTS had gained publicity and notoriety due to the fact that the group brought out latest movie released in superb video and sound quality and crunching it within 1000 MB. Torrent lovers loved YIYF released because of the low space requirement as well as the fact that the group brought the best quality new releases.

While KickassTorrent’s new avatar is yet to regain the popularity it earlier had, most movie releases on the new site are from KATRG and around 1000 MB size.  It’s worth noting that KATRG is not the original source of any of the titles uploaded so far. Instead, the group re-encodes Scene releases. That being said, lack of originality never hurt the image of YIFY, for example, who mostly re-encoded and then re-branded Scene releases.

While The Pirate Bay has never had an open release group, other sites in the public space certainly have. For example, RARBG has a release group functioning in its name and ETRG (ExtraTorrent Release Group) provides a similar function for that site.

With the death of YIFY/YTS, the torrent community had been yearning for a stable release group which could bring out quality new releases to the users. With KATRG making a pronounced comeback, the torrent community can look forward to a great new year.

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