Prank gone wrong, YouTuber arrested by police for kissing random girls

YouTuber ‘Crazy Sumit’ Who Kissed Girls On Streets For YouTube Videos Arrested By Delhi Police

Pranks are fun! You will find many prank videos posted by various YouTubers to garner likes and make money. While such harmless prank videos are good for amusement and humor overdoing the prank bit can land you in serious trouble. A YouTuber by the name of ‘Crazy Sumit’ did just that and landed up in jail.

Crazy Sumit has been a YouTuber for some time and makes money by posting prank videos. This time he crossed the boundaries. Sumit made a prank video in which he kissed random women on Delhi streets and ran away. Sumit himself starred in the movies and was the kisser while his partner would film the act hidden from the scene. The video immediately caused a outcry for random molestation.

Immediately after the outcry, Sumit deleted the controversial video but not before somebody had filed a police complaint. According to reports, a case had been lodged against Sumit and his partner under various Indian Penal Code acts and could land him in jail for a long time.

It seems in the bid to rake of controversy and garner more likes for his YouTube Channel, Sumit crossed the fine line between prank and molestation and fun and depravity. The prank came to haunt both Sumit Verma and his partner Satyajeet who have been taken into custody by Delhi police. Both of them have been charged with molestation and distribution of obscene material.  Just to inform, Sumit’s YouTube channel ‘The Crazy Sumit’ has more than 1.5 lakh subscribers and is actively running since the year 2015.

Sumit could have done without raking up the controversy or making the stupid video.

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