This angry programmer sent an army of bot after the Windows Support scam team

Angry programmer sends army of bots after Windows Support scammers

Anyone who has used a Windows PC will know about the great Windows tech support scam. These scammers not only waste your time and energy but often leave a big hole in your pockets. One such Windows tech support scammer scammed a programmer.  However, the angry programmer turned to tables on the Windows support scammers and declared war on all Windows Support scammers – and now he wants to send a massive army of bots to shut down every fake support line around the globe.

For those who are not familiar with the infamous Tech Support scam, these scammers target Window users across the globe. Such scammers contact Windows users generally telling them that their PC has been infected by a virus. The number is unknown, but the caller claims to work for Microsoft, Google or another big tech firm – and they have a quick “fix” to your “problem.”

Once they gain the Windows users confidence, they proceed to con the user into installing malware which is usually a spying software or a keylogger. This software allows them to swindle the user out of a hefty amount of cash.

A Windows Tech support scammer tried the same modus operandi on Roger from The Jolly Roger Telephone Company. This really pissed of Roger who has declared his quest to disrupt the malicious tech support telemarketing industry by inundating deceitful support lines with calls from a large network of bots, programmed to keep the scamming agents on the phone for as long as possible.

To accomplish this object, Roger proceeded to make bots and loaded them with pre-recorded calls.He then made this bots target to a list of support lines known to engage in malicious activities. To trick the scammers into believing there’s an actual human being on the other side of the phone, Roger has stocked the bots with a variety of responses.

One of his pre-recorded tracks, for instance, features a woman that gets into a fight with her daughter in the middle of the call. Meanwhile, the telemarketing agent stays on the line for another 40 seconds while the woman keeps babbling on, with the entire call lasting a little over six minutes.

Roger has released a few more examples of his telemarketing trolling efforts on his blog to listen to the rest of them.

Viva Roger for fighting a fight that we all have been made to suffer over the years.

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