How to play the newly launched Nokia Snake Game on Facebook Messenger 

You have already heard about the hidden games inside Facebook Messenger like Football and Basketball. The newly launched Nokia Snake game is another addition to that list.

Nokia today announced the availability of Nokia Snake game on Facebook Messenger and here is how you can play it. It’s simple enough to play if you follow the steps below, making sure you’ve updated to the latest version in your app store first.

How to play games on Facebook Messenger

1. Download the latest version of Facebook Messenger from Google Play/App Store, or update your current app to the freshest edition.
2. Select new chat and a buddy from the list, or simply tap on a recent contact.

3.If you are situated in one of the 30 countries where Instant Games are available, you will see a small gamepad controller in the feature strip, right next to the GIF icon, that’s what you have to tap.

Look for the little game controller icon

Look for the little game controller icon

4. Choose from the list of Instant Games that appear, and press Play – your chat buddy will be challenged to beat your score, and most of the games are pretty self-explanatory in terms of control and gameplay, as there are plenty of classics in the initial launch roster.

After today’s announcement, You can also play Nokia Snake in addition to the below games.
How to play Facebook Messenger's Instant Games on your Android or iPhone

Remember you have to update your FB messenger App to the latest version to get the game. Indian’s don’t have access to Facebook Messenger Instant Games so they can’t play Nokia Snake.