Top 10 Common Traits Every Wannabe Programmer Should Have

10 common traits that every aspiring programmer should have

A programmer is someone who has fairly good understanding of computer systems, can write good code, is intelligent and can visualize a software solution for a particular software requirement. Everybody seeks to be a good programmer but a few are meant to be great ones.

You will find a lot of programmers in the market who come with a wide range of skill sets. Even though you may up-to-date on the latest programming languages and have mastered the technical skills you need to write great code, you are still required to possess a variety of traits necessary to stand out of the rest as a great programmer.

Remember, programming is much more than just mechanical coding. In this article, we bring to you the top 10 traits that we think are required to be a good, well a great programmer. (Since this list is not comprehensive, we might have missed some from the list! Let us know what other traits a great programmer should have in the comments section below.)

1. Information is the king!

Even though you may an expert of one programming language, it is always good to know a bit about everything. It is always good to have knowledge of how your technology interacts with the other software, hardware, and network that make up the application’s ecosystem. By keeping yourself well-informed, you will not only be able to contribute to your project in multiple ways, but can also be very handy to others who need assistance in their work.

2. Learn, learn and learn

Great developers are usually amazing self-learners. With constant changes in technology, you always need to keep yourself updated on the current tools and languages in the market so that you can to contribute to upcoming projects. Programmers who are good at self-learning are going to be better at programming.

3. Solve puzzles

A good programmer thrives on finding ways to make something work, despite the odds. You need to have puzzle-solving skills, as building applications is not a straightforward process. You need to always have the belief that there is a solution for every problem and don’t give up until you find it.

4. Exude confidence

The sign of a good or best developer is one who has confidence in his or her ideas and can speak up in design discussions to help shape the application architecture. To boost your confidence, start with a small suggestion, rather than proposing an entire application redesign.

5. Communicate

It is very important to have good communication skills, as it will not only help you to convey an idea accurately and effectively but also help you understand what the business users are expecting from you in their application. Similarly, it is also very important to know to write clearly, as developers often need to generate technical documents, even if it means generating a status report.

6. Develop people to people skills

Another superb quality of great developers is their ability to help other developers get better. They offer teammates help when they are stuck, teach new skills to others and write documentation that would help teammates not only in their organization but the developer community in general. Also, having conversations about things other than the project helps form relationships that make working together easier.

7. Respect deadlines

Most programmers work on projects with deadlines. Once you have agreed to do a task, it is important that you stick to the deadline and show your full commitment in completing the project on time. By doing this, it not only shows your understanding of the business but it also creates a positive impression of yours at work.

8. Target businesses

Businesses use technology to solve business problems. An ideal programmer has a business focus that allows him or her to move beyond the current application. The more you understand about your company’s business, the better you will be able to suggest ideas for new applications that can improve operations as well as understand problems and build solutions that help them grow.

9. Adaptability

Adaptability is very important for a good programmer, where projects and priorities change for many reasons. The sign of a best developer is his or her ability to context-switch to focus on what’s most important right now. Take every change in your stride and respond to it professionally and avoid venting your frustration.

10. Ability to handle failure

Programmers rarely get everything right on the first try. In fact, failure is almost a certainty. It’s important that you see your errors and bugs as a challenge rather than a sign of defeat. Persistence is important, as well as the ability to start over if necessary, even after hours of work.


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