Get 96% off on an eight-course Ethical Hacking bundle; Now only for $39!!!

Techworm Deals Special: Save 96% On Eight-Course Ethical Hacking Bundle

The increase in the use of computer and explosive growth of the Internet has brought many good things, such as electronic commerce, online banking, e-mail, video conferencing, etc. As a result, the improvement of security systems to prevent criminal hacker has become an important concern to society.

This has led to an increasing demand for “ethical hackers” (also known as white hat hackers or penetration testers) as they protect the computer systems from dangerous intrusions. Businesses and government-related organizations that are serious about their network security hire ethical hackers and penetration testers to help probe and improve their networks, applications, and other computer systems with the ultimate goal of preventing data theft and fraud. Ethical hackers use the same methods as their less-reputable namesakes, but document vulnerabilities instead of exploiting them, preventing potential crises and minimising damage.

Ethical hackers identify weaknesses in data computer security for business and organizations across the globe, to protect them from hackers or criminals with less honest motives. This not only helps them earn a good and honest living but also keeps them away from facing prison time.

While this profession can be quite lucrative, it requires a broad range of knowledge. Also, the courses needed to become an Ethical Hacker are generally quite expensive.

However, Techworm Deals is currently offering an amazing deal, wherein you can get an eight courses 45-hour bundle just for $39. That means you get 96% discount on the original price of $1,273.

Grab The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle Now!!!

These eight courses take you from the basics to advanced tools used in the profession. The eight courses in the bundle include:

• Ethical Hacker Bootcamp for 2017
• A to Z Ethical Hacking Course
• Learn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration Testing
• Complete Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Course
• Intro to Ethical Hacking Certification
• Real World Hacking & Penetration Testing
• Learn Kali Linux and Hack Android Mobile Devices
• Learn Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch

Once you complete the courses, you will be all set to take the plunge into the world of Ethical Hacking. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the offer now before it’s too late.

For more information regarding the Ethical Hacking courses, go to our deals store at the link below:

Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle

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