Google’s #myAndroid Taste Test Lets You Personalize Your Android Smartphone Home Screen

Google’s myAndroid Taste Test Service Lets You Personalize Your Android Smartphone As You Want

The one reason that many people prefer Android over iOS is the level of customization of the user interface (UI) that it offers. It helps you to select desired home screen (launchers, wallpaper, icons, keyboard, etc.) for your smartphone. Many different Android Launchers available on Google Play make your job easier.  But, many a times users end up using the default launcher with a row of icons on their home screen. Even with Launchers, the users have to choose what the developer has designed rather than their own choice.

Now, Google has introduced a new tool called the #myAndroid Taste Test that aims to help you customize your Android device. Basically, during the test post, you will be asked 22 questions, each with between two and four answers to select from and cool graphics to help you make your decision. These questions include basics such as “Monochromatic or Multicolor?” and “Patterned or Random?” or “Vibrant or muted” and “Maximalism or minimalism” that it expects you to answer quickly. It will also ask what’s important to you, like “I want quicker info, I want something different, I want a cool look”, and it will ask your experience level with Android.

Once done, Google will recommend a bunch of different home screen layouts that it thinks fit you best. You will also be recommended wallpaper app, icon pack, launcher app, a widget, and even the keyboard you should be using. It will provide links to the Play Store so that they can easily download the apps.

If you are not happy with the result, you can take the test again to generate new recommendations. On the other hand, if you are happy with how your new home screen looks, then you can also share the results with others.

Google provides a link (Share your look) to the result page, which you can share with others so that others can also quickly download them. You can also share your newly personalized Android smartphone look on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

In any case, if you’re interested in seeing what Google might be able to recommend to you, then head on over to the Android website for the details.

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