Hackers hack Indiana radio station and broadcast Zombie apocalypse messages

Zombie messages broadcast after Indiana radio station hack

Imagine an Orwellian world when you are driving and suddenly the ‘Big Brother’ relays a message on the radio for all citizens of the world that they should remain indoors as conceived in 1984, a dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. 1984 is said to have created such a hype about Big Brother that people really come on roads fearing an attack. That was fiction and what happened in Indiana is a reality. A radio station in Indiana suddenly started broadcasting messages of a coming Zombie Apocalypse causing a mild panic among the listeners.

Around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, an Indiana-based radio station WZZY, 98.3, was releasing emergency bulletins relating to a health emergency surrounding a disease outbreak, diseased bodies, and zombies, according to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department.

The radio station was apparently hacked by some unknown hackers who went on to run the Zombie Apocalypse tapes. The matter was immediately reported to the local Sherriff.  “It was confirmed that the radio station firewall was breached and a hack of the stations broadcasting system occurred,” the sheriff’s department said in a prepared statement, adding that WZZY’s sister station was also issuing similar alerts.  “The stations were taken off the air to control the incident until the hack could be brought under control.”

The hackers have not been identified but the radio station has been stopped from making any further broadcasts till the hack is investigated.

Both Randolph County Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department are investigating after a radio station’s emergency alert system was hacked and zombie emergency bulletins were broadcast over the airwaves.

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