Microsoft’s Outlook down, Skype and Xbox users facing trouble logging in

Bad day for Microsoft users : Hotmail and Outlook are down after Microsoft outage, Skype callers and Xbox gamers facing trouble logging in

Today seems to be a bad day for all Microsoft users. All Microsoft services are facing some kind of outage and frustrating users. The massive outage has left thousands without to access their Microsoft Outlook and Hotmail email accounts causing havoc. Not only Microsofts email servers were affected, the Skype callers are reporting separate problems logging in. Ditto for Xbox gamers.

While some Outlook users complained that they were greeted with an error page, others said they were taken to a blank page or received a message claiming their account does not exist. The issue was first reported at around 12:00 GMT (7am ET).

‘Something went wrong 🙁 The server can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later’, the error message on the page reads.

A similar problem was also reported by Skype users who were having trouble logging on the chat and video calling service. Also, many Xbox players couldn’t access their Xbox Live accounts. Both these services are run by Microsoft.

The problem appears to be affecting those with Microsoft accounts across the world. However, problems with these services aren’t as widespread. Issues have been reported throughout Europe and the U.S.

Frustrated users took to Twitter to complain about not being able to log in to their email accounts at Hotmail and Outlook.

‘Microsoft Outlook has stopped working. Does not recognise my email address and/or just takes me to an error page. What’s going on?’ wrote Twitter user Gareth Bell.

‘YO none of my microsoft, outlook, and hotmail accounts are working right now. I knew this would happen I knew it!!’ wrote Twitter user Vumila.

‘It’s asking me to re-enter my password and then telling me my email doesn’t exist. I’ve had this email address over 10 yrs!’ wrote Linzi Horn on the Down Detector website.

User Georgia Hall tweeted: ‘Your servers are down…please address this as a whole, not each one as individual problems! Hope to get his fixed asap!’

However, one user said on Twitter that Microsoft said it is working on resolving the issue.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. We know about the issue and are currently working on the resolution. Request you try and login again after a few hours,” the firm said, albeit vaguely.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the massive outage its services are facing. In the meantime, the @MicrosoftHelps Twitter support account is currently being flooded with requests from users who are having difficulties with Microsoft accounts.

Let us know if you are facing any similar issues in the comment section below

Update #1 : outlook services are getting back to normal 

Update #2 : Intensity of outage has increased again. more and more users are getting error messages while trying to log into outlook, skype and Xbox live

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  1. Grrr!!!! Being trying all day to sign into my email acc. I’m waiting on important emails & i just keep getting the error messages, blank screen & then being told my email address doesn’t exist!!! HELP PLEASE!!!


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