Popular hacking distro, BlackArch Linux update released; Download now!!!

Popular Hacking Distro BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 Released With Nearly 1700 Ethical Hacking Tools And Kernel 4.9.11

Being into cyber security, the one Linux distro developments that we follow regularly is BlackArch Linux. After Kali Linux, BlackArch Linux is undoubtedly one of the best and the most popular distros for ethical hackers, security researchers and penetration testers. The BlackArch Linux devs have now released the new version ISO image of the Arch Linux-based operating system designed especially for hackers and security professionals.

The newly released BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 update comes with over 1700 ethical hacking and pentesting tools pre-installed. It is based on the Arch Linux 2017-03-01 install medium released earlier, which has dropped support for 32-bit installations.

The BlackArch devs have released the new BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 version as separate Live ISOs for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers, as well as a 64-bit OVA image that you can use in either the VirtualBox, QEMU, or VMware virtualization software.

Among the 1700 hacking tools, the newly released update comes with 50 new penetration testing and hacking tools. In the new release, all system packages have been updated, along with some of the in-house built BlackArch tools and the menu entries for the Openbox, Fluxbox, and Awesome window managers.

Update option for existing BlackArch Linux users

Existing users need only to make sure that they have all the latest updates installed by running the “sudo pacman -Syu” command in a terminal emulator or the virtual console. Once the new kernel version is updated, you’ll need to reboot your PC/laptops.

First time BlackArch Linux users can visit their official website to download the latest version of the distro.

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