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From elevators to buses, cars and our very own homes, music is present all around. We seek refuge in it, we listen to it as background noise or for pleasure, for partying or for inspiration. Maybe music is the closest thing we’ve got to a “Personal Jesus.” A universal language with rules written in every human, music may very well be one of the things that make the world go round. For you music aficionados, snobs, amateurs, and cheerful listeners, here’s – source of song lyrics and the ultimate guide of the music world. (Yes, we have something even for you, post-hardcore downtempo shoegaze music fans, or whatever the cool kids are listening to right now.)

Blooming Complexity

With the evolution of technology came along the evolution of music. From the few genres and ways of using instruments, we found ourselves facing thousands and thousands of styles. Nowadays, synthesizers can imitate numerous instruments, drum machines are used for complex drumming studio setups, guitar effects are constantly multiplying. The multitude of possibilities is mindblowing. An immense number of subgenres are springing up like mushrooms after the rain.

Now there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Each and every one of us have favourite bands, maybe favourite genres and preferred artists. There are so many social media platforms that it’s hard sometimes to keep track of all the new recordings spawned by the artists. From artists that went viral on MySpace to the SoundCloud gods like Chet Faker and Filous, content is flowing everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

The tricky part comes when that band you saw in a pub concert has unintelligible lyrics or an obscure background. When you can’t sing along to an Eminem song or a Radiohead track because those handful of lyrics are just too much to process. Does anyone remember that bonus track from the deluxe edition of the Michael Jackson CD we lost under the couch? How old was Cher in 2010?

Everything In Its Right Place

It’s such a bummer having to open 3 tabs and a dictionary only to get all the music info you need. Such a sad thing there’s not a site that gathers all the data and makes it available in a user-friendly way. All these click baits, chaotic reposts of eye-tiring designs and layouts.

Well, that was the world we lived in before appeared. Our site offers you the correct lyrics, song details about the production, mixing, and composition, on point biographies and trivia. Straight out of interviews and on stage declarations, the team brings you a quantity of trivia that would fill up the Library of Alexandria. The upcoming releases are updated in the fastest time to satisfy your thirsty interest.

Everything In Its Right Place

You can also be part of the revolutionary music-data project. Our user-generated options are top-notch, ready to be used by you. Starting with a system that will allow the users to add lyrics, it will develop into a complex one, with numerous opportunities of handouts on behalf of our enjoyers.

Everything In Its Right Place

Want to know something about music, anything? You name it and we have it. With a festivals and concerts tracker on the way, we’ll be your complete musical encyclopedia. All these are and will be presented on a friendly platform. The original designs naturally blend in with the efficient structure, the site easily catching your eye.

Ready For Revolution?

Ready For Revolution?

The community we are willing to create is a group of people driven by a shared love for the music industry. Once you use our site, you’ll fall hook, line, and sinker for it. While browsing, you can surely spot our blog section. There we’re providing the freshest news, the most intriguing rankings and trifles you’ll find. Heartfelt writing will always be one of our trademarks and that can be easily spotted in our articles. We supervise everything with an iron hand, making sure the suitable information is available. Truthfulness and promptitude are what define us. is the trustful link between you and your favorite band. It’s almost like being pen friends with them, but through a Post Office that provides a full-package of informational experience.



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