How Your Smartphone Usage Increases When You Fall In Love, Shows A Redditor

Love hurts!!! Find out how a man’s smartphone usage changed after he met a girl

Love hurts, love bites and love makes you do unwanted and unwarranted things which you would never do if you didn’t have a girlfriend. 9 out 10 men normally hang up their smartphones within 2 minutes after speaking what seems relevant to them. But enter a girl in a man’s life and this changes drastically. Now, a Redditor is out to prove that love changes the way a man talks over his smartphone. He has posted a graph of his phone usage to add more fuel to this raging argument.

Phone Usage Statistics after meeting a girl

A Redditor named nullenatr has uploaded a graph of the amount of time he spent on his phone from the 11th of January to the 8th of April. In between this time, he met a girl the date of which he has highlighted for effect. And almost instantly, people started noticing the obvious.

Let’s go chronologically. Right from the beginning of the graph, we can see a pattern forming. A majority of the days have less than 100 minutes of phone use. His phone call activity would range between 0 minutes and maybe 15 minutes twice a week. We also notice phone usage peaking sometimes, almost periodically. The periodic nature of this increase might coincide with the Redditor’s off days – the day’s he spends most of the time at home and therefore uses his phone more often. We need to note here that the graph only shows phone usage, not time spent speaking with someone. Therefore, it can also include time spent watching YouTube videos for instance.

Then there’s a bit of an increase in the average usage time between 27th Feb to the 7th of March. Though it’s a break in the pattern and the average time increases by a few minutes, but its not a drastic change. After this period, the usage time again dips back to the range we’ve seen before.

The unexplained smartphone usage jump after meeting a girl

Then comes one of the highest jumps on the 15th of March. Considering the Redditor is a guy, the comments on this surge immediately started attributing to porn. In case you were wondering this was the day he met the girl, you’d be mistaken. He spent nearly 550 minutes on his phone this day and before this, the longest duration was just under 300 minutes. Make of this as you will but this was the only significant surge in this entire period till the day, he meets the girl.

Femme Fatale

He has highlighted 28th of March as the day he met this girl and from this day on, we see the average usage time go for a major toss. Till this date, for a majority of days, his phone usage did not cross 100 minutes/day. From the 28th though, not once has the usage been below 100 minutes.

Not only does the average time increase, for the fortnight after he meets a girl, only for 3 days are the usage times below 200 minutes. The average time, however, jumps from 100-150 range to 300 -350 minutes range almost instantly. That is more than double the average from before. The graph before 28th March looks like the skyline of a small village town set against the skyline of Manhattan once the girl comes into the picture.

You can check out the graph for yourselves below:

Considering we have almost 2 months of phone usage data from when the Redditor was single, we can assume he has come across every activity he would do on a regular basis. Therefore, the logical inference being that the factors that changed from the 27th of March have caused the increase – aka the addition of a woman. Does this provide enough evidence to prove the classic male complaintt?  Maybe we should ask the guy’s girlfriend.

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